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1 Product News (September/October 2014)

The complete product news section from the September / October 2014 Issue Gear Technology.

2 On the Cutting Edge (January/February 2015)

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3 Product News (August 2015)

News about the newest products from the Gear Industry

4 Product News (September/October 2015)

News about New Products

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1 Milacron Cimcool Industrial Fluids Receive Pratt & Whitney Approval (April 5, 2016)
Milacron Holdings Corp., an industrial technology company serving the plastics processing and industrial fluid industries, announced that... Read News

2 Cimcool Cimpulse Metalworking Fluids Formulated for Use in High-Pressure Systems (August 31, 2015)
Milacron Fluid Technologies brand Cimcool recently announced the launch of Cimpulse.Cimpulse 51MP, Cimpulse 45MP and Cimpulse 33MP are ne... Read News

3 Cimcool Cimperial 861 Metalworking Fluid Increases Tool Life and Provides Superior Lubricity (July 13, 2015)
Cimcool recently announced the release of Cimperial 861 with InSol technology, a hybrid lubricity, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, whi... Read News

4 Cimcool Introduces Insol Lubrication (September 2, 2014)
Cimcool Fluid Technology is pleased to introduce InSol lubrication. This new technology coupled with unique surfactants and inhibitors pr... Read News

5 Cimcool Offers Industrial Fluids (January 21, 2013)
Cimcool Fluid Technology offers many technologically-advanced fluids for use in industrialoperations. The 600 series is Cimcool's top... Read News

6 Cimcool Offers Hybrid Fluid Technology for Automotive Industry (October 17, 2012)
Cimcool Fluid Technology has announced the release of a new lubricant technology for machining and grinding of hard metals. These new Cim... Read News

7 Cimcool Makes Tough Machining Easier (April 30, 2012)
Cimcool, a fluid technology provider worldwide, offers a wide variety of innovative products engineered specifically for the toughest gri... Read News

8 Cimcool Presents Oak Signature Metalworking Fluids (November 18, 2011)
The Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids integrates science and technology to help customers become more efficient in the manufactu... Read News

9 CIMCOOL 609 Designed for Grinding Performance (June 29, 2011)
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology has created CIMTECH 609, an innovative hybrid developed for superior grinding performance and excellent machinin... Read News