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1 Driving Down Gear Noise in E-Mobility (May 2021)

Gleason Combi Honing system meets eDrive transmission standards.

2 Are you All-In on e-Mobility (August 2021)

Collectively, 761,100 electric-drive vehicles were sold in the United States in 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation.

3 The Move Toward Systematic Design (November/December 2021)

E-Mobility is changing the gear market at an incredibly rapid pace. Software is adapting to meet these new challenges.

4 Increasing Energy Efficiency through Improved Gear Surfaces in e-Mobility (July 2021)

With e-Mobility, there are constantly increasing demands on service life.

5 Analysis of Excitation Behavior of Two-Stage Gearbox Based Upon Validated Simulation Model (September/October 2017)

In order to reduce costs for development and production, the objective in gearbox development and design is to predict running and noise behavior of a gearbox without manufacturing a prototype and running expensive experimental investigations. To achieve this objective, powerful simulation models have to be set up in a first step. Afterwards, those models have to be qualified and compared to experimental investigations. During the investigation procedure of gearboxes, there are two possibilities to evaluate the running and noise behavior: quasi-static and dynamic investigations. In times of engine downsizing, e-mobility and lightweight design, the dynamic excitation behavior is becoming increasingly important.

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