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1 Product News (October 2012)

The complete Product News section from the October 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

2 If You Rebuild It, They Will Buy It (May 2013)

It’s been said that the best ideas are often someone else's. But with rebuilt, retrofitted, re-controlled or remanufactured machine tools, buyer beware and hold onto your wallet. Sourcing re-work vendors and their services can require just as much homework, if not necessarily dollars, as with just-off-the-showroom-floor machines.

3 Industry News (August 2013)

The complete Industry News section from the August 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

4 IMTS 2014 Product Preview (August 2014)

An in-depth look at the major booths with the latest technology used in gear manufacturing.

5 Product News (September/October 2015)

News about New Products

6 Product News (March/April 2017)

The latest in machine tools, cutting tools, inspection equipment, shop floor gages and other products for the gear industry.

7 Gear Expo 2017 and ASM Heat Treat 2017 Booth Previews (September/October 2017)

The latest technology on display in Columbus, OH. October 24-26.

8 Product News (September/October 2018)

See the latest gear industry products from Marposs, GWJ Technology, Norton|Saint Gobain, Mitutoyo, C&B Machinery, DMG Mori, Gear Motions and LK Metrology.

9 Industry News (November/December 2018)

The complete Industry News section from the November/December 2018 issue of Gear Technology.

10 Product News (January/February 2019)

The complete Product News section from the January/February issue of Gear Technology.

11 Product News (November/December 2019)

The complete Product News section from the November/December 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

12 Product News (August 2020)

Gear-related new technology from FVA, EMAG, Marposs, PTG Holroyd, GWJ Technology and Big Kaiser

13 Industry News (November/December 2020)

The complete Industry News section from the November/December 2020 issue of Gear Technology.

14 Product News (January/February 2021)

Gear-related new technology from Helios, Chiron, C-B Gear & Machine, Marposs, Dillon Manufacturing, Schunk, Forest City Gear and more.

15 Industry News (March/April 2021)

The latest news from AGMA, EMAG Group, Star Cutter, MHI and more.

16 Product News (May 2021)

Gear-related new technology from Liquidtool Manager, Marposs, EDM Intelligent Solutions, Helios Gear Products, Kapp Niles Metrology and more.

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1 Marposs Announces Merlin Plus Standalone Gauging Software (April 8, 2021)
Marposs has announced the standalone availability of Merlin Plus gauging software. Formerly only embedded in Merlin hardware devices, thi... Read News

2 Marposs Introduces Bluetooth Measurement Products (April 2, 2006)
Marposs Corp. will introduce its Merlin gage computer-based embedded technology and M1 Wave electronic bore gage containing Bluetooth wir... Read News

3 Marposs Acquires Control Gaging Incorporated (December 19, 2007)
Marposs S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy recently announced the acquisition of Control Gaging Incorporated of Ann Arbor, Michigan. According to t... Read News

4 Marposs Introduces Wireless Bore Gauge with Optional Inductive Battery Charger (July 19, 2007)
Marposs Corp. will present its new M1 Wave wireless bore gauge with an optional inductive battery charger in  at South-Tec 2007.Equi... Read News

5 Marposs Introduces Gauge Head for In-Process Grinder Control at Eastec (February 26, 2007)
Marposs Corp. will show its new NanoUnimar ultra-compact gauge head for in-process grinder control in Booth #3006 at the EASTEC APEX 2007... Read News

6 Marposs Announces Plans to Release New Probing System at WESTEC (January 16, 2007)
Marposs Corp. will showcase its new Mida E83 probing system with optical transmission for CNC machining centers and milling machines boot... Read News

7 Marposs Gages Go Wireless (April 20, 2006)
Marposs Corp. introduced its M1 Wave wireless electronic bore gages at IMTS. "Marposs has cut the cord," said product manager Bob Harm... Read News

8 Marposs? New Gear Tester Detects Correct Tooth Hardness (April 19, 2006)
The E59n from Marposs is a mechanical system where the gears are loaded and correctly referred before being tested. The integrated eddy c... Read News

9 Marposs’ New Gage Head Designed for Internal Grinders (April 11, 2006)
The Thruvar from Marposs is a through-the-spindle gage for in-process measurement application on internal grinding machines and was intro... Read News

10 Marposs? Vertical Solution Provides a Smaller Footprint (March 10, 2006)
The M57V bench from Marposs provides a smaller footprint that occupies less surface space than the company's horizontal solution, a... Read News

11 Marposs Offers Gaging Station for Gear Inspection (May 14, 2013)
The line of manual systems and machines for functional gear verification includes a wide range of highly precise solutions, to measure al... Read News

12 Marposs Wins Global Supplier Award (February 7, 2006)
Marposs S.p.A. of Bentivoglio, Italy received the 2005 Global Supplier Award for Manufacturing Goods and Services from DaimlerChrysler AG... Read News

13 Marposs’ Newest Software Enables On-Machine Measuring (January 18, 2006)
The 3D Shape Inspector software for on-machine measurement application from Marposs is used with the company’s touch probes and enab... Read News

14 New Process Monitoring System from Marposs (April 13, 2005)
A new tool and process monitoring system from Marposs is designed to provide continuous monitoring of metalworking processes through seve... Read News

15 Marposs President Receives Prestigious Marketing Award (January 31, 2005)
Stefano Possati, president of Marposs S.p.A., received the News Digest Marketing Award for 2004. The award was presented to Possati by... Read News

16 New Wireless Spindle Probe from Marposs (January 28, 2005)
The new Mida TT30 touch-trigger spindle probe from Marposs Corp. incorporates high-frequency signal transmissiom. Additional features ... Read News

17 New Lead Angle Gear Roller from Marposs (January 28, 2005)
The M62 DF from Marposs is designed for the dynamic inspection of ring gears with automatic part rotation. The system can also evalua... Read News

18 New Retoolable Manual Bench for Gear Inspection from Marposs (January 15, 2005)
The new M62 OBD (over ball diameter) retoolable manual bench measuring system for checkng gear shafts from Marposs is designed to permit ... Read News

19 New Measuring Machine from Marposs (April 16, 2004)
The M110 Optoflex from Marposs is designed for the dimensional inspection of shafts and shaft-like parts. Utilizing optoelectric technolo... Read News

20 Marposs Introduces Touch Probe System (October 10, 2012)
Marposs Corp. announces the new Mida T25P ultra-compact, high accuracy touch probe for machine tools with piezoelectric technology. Altho... Read News

21 Marposs Celebrates 50 Years in North America (June 20, 2013)
Marposs Corp. commemorated the 50th anniversary of its founding in North America during March 2013. Marposs is one of the world’s l... Read News

22 Marposs Adds Electric Motor Testing with Electrical Dynamic Acquisition (March 16, 2021)
Marposs has announced the acquisition of e.d.c. srl (Electrical Dynamic Company), an Italian company  based in Milan and a world lea... Read News

23 Marposs Adds Cloud-Based Data Integration to Machine Monitoring Solutions (November 19, 2019)
Marposs has announced the availability of its new data management software—C-THRU4.0, designed to collect and process data from mul... Read News

24 Marposs Announces Interactive Virtual Showroom for E-Mobility Solutions (February 24, 2021)
Marposs has launched a new virtual and interactive showroom that highlights its solutions for the gauging, inspection and testing of comp... Read News

25 Marposs Offers Minimicromar3 Gauge for Small Ground Components (November 18, 2020)
Marposs has announced Minimicromar3, an in- and post-process grinding gauge designed for small diameter measurement. This ultra-compact g... Read News

26 Marposs Announces Remote Video Conference Testing and Acceptance Service (November 3, 2020)
Marposs has announced its real-time Remote Testing and Acceptance Service. Marposs is enabling customers to participate in live testing, ... Read News

27 Marposs Announces GEMGP Stand-Alone Tool Monitoring Solution (July 8, 2020)
Marposs has announced its new Artis GEMGP stand-alone solution for detecting process anomalies during metal cutting in machine tools. By ... Read News

28 Marposs Announces Special Edition Laser Tool Setter for Ultrasonic Machining (July 2, 2020)
Marposs has announced the availability of its ML75P Special Edition laser tool setter for controlling ultrasonic tool vibration amplitude... Read News

29 Marposs Announces New Website for Artis Monitoring Solutions (May 12, 2020)
Marposs has introduced a new website featuring Artis, the world’s biggest supplier of monitoring systems and adaptive control solut... Read News

30 Marposs Introduces New Probing Software (February 5, 2020)
Marposs introduces the CNC Probing Recorder software package—an automatic measurement, report and process control acquisition syste... Read News

31 Marposs Offers New Wide-Screen Version of E9066 Industrial Computer (January 9, 2020)
Marposs Corp. has announced the availability of its E9066E 15.6-in. wide-screen industrial computer for data collection, measurement, ind... Read News

32 Marposs Offers Fast Gear Measuring System (October 22, 2019)
Marposs recently announced its M62 Scan, a universal gear inspection system that performs a very quick and efficient inspection of cylind... Read News

33 IMTS Preview: Marposs Corporation (June 13, 2014)
Marposs Corp. will introduce at IMTS-2014 in booth #E-5519, its new G25 gauging probe for contact scanning for pre- and post-process cycl... Read News

34 Marposs Offers Grinding Gauge for Immediate Machine Compensation (November 26, 2018)
Marposs Corp. has announced the availability of its new P3dME electronic gauge amplifier for post-process monitoring of smooth and groo... Read News

35 Marposs M62 Flex Gauge Inspects Wide Range of Gear Sizes (November 2, 2018)
Marposs Corp. has announced its new M62 Flex manual bench gauge system for the production floor, which provides the flexibility to meas... Read News

36 Marposs Expands Software Capability with Blulink Acquisition (October 9, 2018)
Marposs has announced the acquisition of Blulink (Reggio Emilia, Italy), a company specializing in quality control and process management... Read News

37 Marposs Electrical Gauge Actuators Provides Increased Control and Reduced Maintenance time for E-Fenar and Blú Systems (January 4, 2018)
Marposs has enhanced its gauging solutions for grinding machines with new electrical gauge actuators. As compared to former hydraulic and... Read News

38 Marposs Optoquick 3.0 High Precision Gage Delivers Both Tactile and Optical Measurement Technology in One Package (February 23, 2017)
Marposs announces the introduction of Optoquick 3.0, its latest addition to the industrial gauging solutions portfolio. Optoquick is a hi... Read News

39 IMTS 2016: Marposs Corp. (E-5516, S-8719) (September 6, 2016)
Marposs will introduce its new Mida Diamond line of high precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters at IMTS 2016. The Mida Diam... Read News

40 Marposs iWave2 Wireless Gauge Has Measuring Resolution of 0.0001 mm. (August 20, 2015)
Marposs Corp. recently announced it will introduce its new iWave2 wireless manual gauge at the Quality Show in booth #619. The innov... Read News

41 Marposs Acquires FL Tool Holders (February 6, 2015)
Marposs S.p.A. (Bologna, Italy) recently announced the acquisition of FL Tool Holders LLC of Livonia, Michigan, a manufacturer of precisi... Read News

42 New Bore Gauge from Marposs (January 19, 2004)
The M1Star MBG mechanical bore gauge from Marposs is designed for manual mechanical use in precision checking of I.D., ovality or taper o... Read News