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1 Upgrading Your Toolbox (May 2017)

Manufacturers focus on tool design, materials, coating, machine tool options and cutting parameters.

2 Cleaner Steels Provide Gear Design Opportunities (November/December 2017)

Gear designers face constant pressure to increase power density in their drivetrains. In the automotive industry, for example, typical engine torque has increased significantly over the last several decades. Meanwhile, the demands for greater fuel efficiency mean designers must accommodate these increased loads in a smaller, more lightweight package than ever before. In addition, electric and hybrid vehicles will feature fewer gears, with fewer transmission speeds, running at higher rpms, meaning the gears in those systems will have to endure life cycles far beyond what is typical with internal combustion engines.

3 Admire its Purity (November/December 2018)

As gear manufacturing techniques become more precise and demanding, there is a growing demand for cleaner, higher quality steel.

4 Supply Chain Management Users Guide (July 2020)

We asked a few industry suppliers to provide some insight into gear manufacturers' supply chain challenges during the pandemic.

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1 Ovako Improves Sustainability Strategy (April 21, 2020)
Sustainability is part of Ovako's DNA. It is integrated into everything the company does. Ovako's steel production is based on re... Read News

2 GWJ and Ovako Collaborate on Gear Modules (March 18, 2019)
The Swedish company Ovako is a producer of engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries, and a ... Read News

3 Ovako Blanks Speed Production While Reducing Waste (May 16, 2013)
Machining quality components from steel bar can generate large amounts of waste material, but with Ovako pre-components this waste can be... Read News