Sicmat Raso 250TP Gear Shaving Machine

The Raso 250 TP is able to chamfer, debur and shave gears up to 250 mm outside diameter in very short cycle times. The ergonomic structure offers easy accessibility to both operators and maintenance staff and the vertical workpiece position in all machine stations allows for easy integration in automated lines and simplifies tooling changeover operations. “Thanks to a rigid structure and advanced software in the Raso 250 TP, tool-workpiece synchronization is perfect,” says Alberto Miletto, Sicmat technical director at Sicmat. “The machine uses two electro-spindles—along with linear motors—that allow users to achieve top quality.” During the development of this machine, Sicmat’s primary aim was the reduction of idle times together with high flexibility. A chamfering/deburring device can be fully integrated, allowing shorter machining cycles, reduced floor space, reduced investment and therefore a shorter investment pay-back time.

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