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KISSsoft Releases Latest Software Update

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KISSsoft is a modular calculation system for the verification, optimization, and sizing, of machine elements. The scope of the applicatio...
April 16, 2013—KISSsoft is a modular calculation system for the verification, optimization, and sizing, of machine elements. The scope of the application ranges from a single machine element up to the automatic sizing of complete gearboxes. KISSsoft Release 03/2013 once again contains a wide range of new functions, including the following highlights: The contact analysis has been greatly extended for planetary gear units. It is now possible to take into account the exact deflections of the shafts on the sun wheel, planet gear, and internal gear. The planet carrier position is also determined during a shaft calculation, or can alternatively be specified as a displacement. The results are finally displayed in the 3-D system, ensuring maximum clarity. This provides a powerful analysis tool for the planet system. New dimensioning suggestions are now calculated for modifications, specially for planetary gear units. This ensures that tooth trace modifications can be specified accurately, on the basis of the planet carrier torsion and sun wheel deformation.The contact analysis for cylindrical gears has also been extended and improved. Experience gained following a comparison between various different commercial contact analysis programs, carried out in fall 2012, has also left its mark on the calculation. For example, additional correction factors (including one for Hertzian flattening) have been implemented, providing the user with even more detailed setting options. Of course, as you would expect, appropriate standard values are also set where suitable. Thanks to improvements in calculation algorithms, the cylindrical gear contact analysis is now faster and more robust, and so enables the contact pattern for cylindrical gears to be analyzed more accurately. For full report on the new software update check out Gear Technology's May issue.

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