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More on Gear Noise

It is said that “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Ok, but what about gear noise We talked to th...

Rattle: Addressing Gear Noise in a Power Take-off

January/February 2012
Mikel E. Janitz

Benefit of Psychoachoustic Analyzing Methods for Gear Noise Investigation

August 2011
C. Brecher, C. Gorgels, C. Carl and M. Brumm

Evaluation of a Low-Noise, Formate Spiral Bevel Gear Set

January/February 2008
David G. Lewicki, Faydor L. Litvin, Ron L. Woods, Alfonso Fuentes

Transmission Error and Noise Emission of Spur Gears

March/April 2007
Piermaria Davoli, Carlo Gorla, Francesco Rosa, Fabrizio Rossi, Giuseppe Boni


More on Lubrication

Most research on micropitting is done on small-sized gears. This article examines whether those res...

An Experimental Investigation of Aerospace-Quality Gears Operating in Loss-of-Lubrication Condition

August 2013
Ida Bartilotta, Enrico Ciulli, Salvatore Manconi, Elena Toson

Getting a Grip on Big-Gear Lubrication

January/February 2012
Jack McGuinn


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