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More on Hobbing

With reference to the machining of an involute spur or helical gear by the hobbing pr...

Hob Tool Life Technology Update

March/April 2009
Hob Tool Life Technology Update

An Innovative Way of Designing Gear Hobbing Processes

May 2012
F. Klocke, C. Gorgels, R. Schalaster and A. Stuckenberg

Full Speed Ahead

May 2012
Matthew Jaster

Comparison of PM-HSS and Cemented Carbide Tools in High-Speed Gear Hobbing

September/October 2009
Fritz Klocke, Philipp Kauffmann, Rolf Schalaster and Arne Stuckenberg

What is the difference between pressure angle and operating pressure angle ...

The Process of Gear Shaving

January/February 1986
John P. Dugas

Worm Gears - Ask the Expert

October 2013
Joe Mihelick, Charles D. Schultz, Hermann Stadtfeld

The Pros and Cons of Fully Ground Root Fillets

August 2014
Robert L. Errichello


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