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Why is there so much emphasis on the tooth contact pattern for bevel gears in the assembled conditio...

The Basics of Gear Theory

June 2015
Hermann J. Stadtfeld

The Pros and Cons of Fully Ground Root Fillets

August 2014
Robert L. Errichello

Operating Pressure Angle

May 2013
John Mayhan, Hermann Stadtfeld

Worm Gears - Ask the Expert

October 2013
Joe Mihelick, Charles D. Schultz, Hermann Stadtfeld

Characteristics of Master Gears

November/December 2006
Richard L. Thoen


More on Cutting Tools

The hob is a perfect example of how a little manufacturing ingenuity can make a reliable, highly pro...

Big Gears Better and Faster

January/February 2011
William R. Stott

Full Speed Ahead

May 2012
Matthew Jaster

The New Freedoms: Bevel Blades

September/October 2007
Hermann J. Stadtfeld



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