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More on Hobbing

Indexable carbide insert (ICI) cutting tools continue to play a pivotal role in gear manufacturing...

Hob Tool Life Technology Update

March/April 2009
Hob Tool Life Technology Update

An Innovative Way of Designing Gear Hobbing Processes

May 2012
F. Klocke, C. Gorgels, R. Schalaster and A. Stuckenberg

Comparison of PM-HSS and Cemented Carbide Tools in High-Speed Gear Hobbing

September/October 2009
Fritz Klocke, Philipp Kauffmann, Rolf Schalaster and Arne Stuckenberg

Optimal Choice of the Shaft Angle for Involute Hobbing

November/December 2007
Carlo Innocenti

Gear shaving is a free-cutting gear finishing operation which removes small amounts of metal from th...

Operating Pressure Angle

May 2013
John Mayhan, Hermann Stadtfeld

Worm Gears - Ask the Expert

October 2013
Joe Mihelick, Charles D. Schultz, Hermann Stadtfeld

The Pros and Cons of Fully Ground Root Fillets

August 2014
Robert L. Errichello


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