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Marposs Gages Go Wireless

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Marposs Corp. introduced its M1 Wave wireless electronic bore gages at IMTS.
April 20, 2006—Marposs Corp. introduced its M1 Wave wireless electronic bore gages at IMTS.

"Marposs has cut the cord," said product manager Bob Harman at a press conference during the show.

The M1 Wave provides freedom of movement and accuracy in a hand-held measuring device. Eliminating the traditional cable for electronic bore gages allows the operator to move freely up to its range of about 10 meters, Harman says.

The gage is connected directly to a special handle containing the wireless transmitter, incorporating Bluetooth$B%g(B technology and a power supply using standard ’C’ type batteries. At the press of a button, real-time measurement values are transmitted to the receiving electronic unit for immediate display and/or storage.

The wireless gage communicates with one of Marposs’ Bluetooth-enabled electronic displays, measurement units or even to a PC with the use of special software.

According to a Marposs press release, the M1 Wave bore gage provides guaranteed 0.5 micron (20 millionths of an inch) repeatability over the measuring range of 3$B!&(B00 mm diameter. The gage is designed for use in a production environment.

The gage can also be used in conjunction with a specially programmed cell phone to allow the measurement of a bore diameter without having to remove the part from the machine tool, Harman says.

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