Gear Industry Product News 2021

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Oelheld Examines Coolant Monitoring - System Health Factors
Oelheld recently reviewed a number of factors that can influence overall system health and condition. Monitoring the concentrations or ra... (posted 2021-05-13)

Ingersoll Offers Single-Ended Rigid Inserts and Holders
Ingersoll Cutting Tools offers Single-Ended Rigid Inserts and Holders for Parting and Deep Grooving with Unique Adapters. The rigid clamp... (posted 2021-05-12)

KISSsoft Offers Material Influence on Gear Strength
Material definitions prove to be fundamentally complex: In the standards for strength calculations for gears, numerous influences - such ... (posted 2021-05-11)

Ransohoff Offers Conveyor Parts Washing System
The Ransohoff LeanVeyor conveyor parts washing system is engineered for lean manufacturing, while reducing floor space requirements and p... (posted 2021-05-10)

FANUC LR Mate Robot Series Features 10 Model Variations
FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics, and ROBOMACHINEs has introduced the LR Mate 200iD/14L, the tenth model variation o... (posted 2021-05-07)

Weiler Abrasives Expands Tiger Product Line to Include Cups, Cones and Plugs
Weiler Abrasives has expanded its popular Tiger brand of abrasives to include cups, cones and plugs for metal fabrication, including fab ... (posted 2021-05-06)

Liebherr Offers Solution for Robotics and Special Applications in Gearing
Precision gears for industrial applications have to deliver a top-class performance. In order for a robotic arm to achieve precise grippi... (posted 2021-05-05)

Big Kaiser Introduces New Rough Boring Tool
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has introduced the Series 319 SW rough boring head with the BIG CAPTO connection. The new SW BIG CAPTO Rough... (posted 2021-05-04)

Mitutoyo Introduces New EJ Counters and LG100 Series Linear Gages
Mitutoyo America Corporation has released new EJ Counters and LG100 Series Linear Gages to its expansive sensor lineup of metrology produ... (posted 2021-05-03)

ABB IRB 1300 Robot Enhances Harsh and Cleanroom Applications
ABB’s 6-axis IRB 1300 industrial robot includes new protection elements that enable it to be used in tough industrial applications ... (posted 2021-04-30)

Cortec VpCI Paper Brings Flexibility to Integrated Corrosion Solutions
CorShield VpCI-146 Paper is a great material to use on its own for packaging, storing, and shipping small components that require cushion... (posted 2021-04-29)

Mitutoyo Offers New MF/MF-U Microscope Packages
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its new MF microscope packages that include the M2 geometric software ... (posted 2021-04-28)

Helios Gear Announces New CNC Gear Deburring Machines
Helios CNC gear chamfer-deburring machines increase profitability for job shops and high-mix manufacturing. “Gear manufacturer... (posted 2021-04-27)

KISSsoft 2021 Beta Release Now Available
On June 18, KISSsoft 2021 will be released. Users already have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments with the beta relea... (posted 2021-04-26)

Ransohoff Introduces Mini Jet Washer for High Volume Parts Cleaning Applications
Ransohoff, a division of the Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, has introduced its Cell-U-Clean Mini Jet spray cabinet. This new small foot... (posted 2021-04-23)

BMW Motorrad Uses Junker JUCRANK for Different Grinding Operations
BMW Motorrad uses the JUCRANK non-cylindrical grinding machine for different grinding operations on boxer crankshafts. These are assemble... (posted 2021-04-21)

WIDIA Expands Drill Series with Modular X Insert
WIDIA has announced the release of a new MS geometry insert for the brand’s TOP DRILL Modular X (TDMX) drill. With the MS geometry ... (posted 2021-04-20)

Doosan Robotics Offers ROS 2 Package
Doosan Robotics Inc. announced the release of the Doosan ROS 2 package, compatible with the latest ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy. Releasing the pack... (posted 2021-04-19)

GWJ Technology Provides 3D Gears in STEP Format
GWJ Technology GmbH has added another CAD functionality to the web-based calculation software eAssistant and the software application TBK... (posted 2021-04-16)

PTG Holroyd and Siemens Collaborate on Gear Grinding Center
A new precision gear grinding center from PTG Holroyd hasn’t simply been designed to bring greater levels of efficiency and accurac... (posted 2021-04-15)

SMT Releases MASTA 11
MASTA 11 from SMT introduces brand-new modeling and analysis capabilities from traditional heavy industry to cutting edge electrifie... (posted 2021-04-14)

Kennametal Introduces FBX Drill for Aerospace Machining
Kennametal has introduced the FBX drill for flat-bottom drilling of structural aerospace parts. The patented FBX drill delivers superior ... (posted 2021-04-13)

Affolter Group Introduces Latest Gear Hobbing Machine
Affolter Group has introduced the AF160 is the most versatile Affolter gear hobbing machine to date. “The AF160 is designed for hig... (posted 2021-04-12)

Mitutoyo Releases PJ-Plus Profile Projector Series
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the PJ-Plus Profile Projector Series.The Mitutoyo PJ-Plus is a new ser... (posted 2021-04-09)

Marposs Announces Merlin Plus Standalone Gauging Software
Marposs has announced the standalone availability of Merlin Plus gauging software. Formerly only embedded in Merlin hardware devices, thi... (posted 2021-04-08)

Liquidtool Manager Monitors Coolants Using Intelligent Technology
With the Liquidtool Manager, Liquidtool Systems introduces the first intelligent, IoT-based solution for monitoring coolants. It is the f... (posted 2021-04-07)

EDM Intelligent Solutions Offers 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center
EDM Intelligent Solutions (EDMIS) is pleased to announce the release of their new MVi5 – 5-Axis 3D Metrology Center joining FANUC C... (posted 2021-04-06)

Liebherr Clamping Concept Reduces Downtime
Clamping units for gears with short delivery times at low costs – due to the high level of individualization of clamping devices, t... (posted 2021-04-05)

Matthews Automation Introduces Warehouse Execution System Software
Matthews Automation Solutions, a provider of warehouse automation systems and software, is introducing their new NEXUS Warehouse Executio... (posted 2021-03-31)

Weiler Abrasives Offers Productivity Program
Weiler Abrasives is offering its Weiler Consumable Productivity (WCP) program to help end users better manage their abrasives costs and i... (posted 2021-03-30)

Ingersoll Expands GoldQuad Hi-Feed Mill Series
Ingersoll's Hi-Feed mill series, GoldQuad, has expanded to include 4 and 16 mm cutter series and the rebranded GoldSFeed series. 5 Hi... (posted 2021-03-29)

KISSsoft Fits Individual Software Needs with Customization
One of the key aspects in modern software development is to give end users sufficient freedom to adapt their working environment to indiv... (posted 2021-03-25)

Okuma HMC Improves Productivity
MB-5000HII from Okuma is a high-speed, thermally-stable horizontal machining center that offers quick acceleration, short tool changes, a... (posted 2021-03-24)

Liebherr Expands Generating and Profile Grinding Technology
Liebherr recently introduced a new series of generating and profile grinding machines for hard machining of external and internal gears o... (posted 2021-03-23)

Helios Offers Hobbing Solutions for Plastic Gears
External plastic gears, like their metal counterparts, use the hobbing process for productive manufacturing. However, the difference in m... (posted 2021-03-22)

FANUC CNC and Robotics Integration Simplifies Operations
FANUC America introduces the next step in complete robotics and CNCs integration for more efficient operations. FANUC CNCs now have the a... (posted 2021-03-19)

Kapp Niles Metrology Offers Roughness Measurement
Discover the option of roughness measurement from Kapp Niles Metrology for determining surface roughness of gear teeth. The tactile measu... (posted 2021-03-18)

Marposs Adds Electric Motor Testing with Electrical Dynamic Acquisition
Marposs has announced the acquisition of e.d.c. srl (Electrical Dynamic Company), an Italian company  based in Milan and a world lea... (posted 2021-03-16)

Reishauer Offers Gear Dictionary App
Reishauer recently released a gear dictionary app, a practical assistant for grinding specialists and application engineers with more tha... (posted 2021-03-15)

Shell Announces Global Portfolio of Carbon Neutral Lubricants
Shell has announced it will offer customers carbon neutral lubricants across a range of products for passenger cars, heavy duty diesel en... (posted 2021-03-12)

Big Kaiser Adds Chip Blower for use with Hydraulic and Milling Chucks
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has updated its offering of Chip Blowers, which are designed to make removing chips and coolant from parts a... (posted 2021-03-11)

Siemens Digital Extends Simcenter STAR-CMM+ Capabilities
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest release of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software, which has achieved ... (posted 2021-03-10)

CC-Link Partner Association Aims to Transform the Smart Factory
Increasingly advanced automation systems from robotized manufacturing lines, AGVs, smart machines and integrated logistics are helping to... (posted 2021-03-08)

MHI Receives JSME Award for LAMDA AM
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool (MAT) has recently been awarded by JSME (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) for achievem... (posted 2021-03-05)

Mazak VMC Enhances 5-Axis Capabilities
Mazak's new VARIAXIS i-800 NEO Vertical Machining Center offers shops an enhanced version of a popular 5-axis machine, with a powerfu... (posted 2021-03-04)

ATI Introduces Robotic Tool Changer
ATI Industrial Automation has developed a new standard robotic tool changing and storage solution; the QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer. This li... (posted 2021-03-03)

MHI Introduces Gear Shaping Machine for Small-Module Gears Used in Robots
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd., a Shiga-based part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) Group, has newly develo... (posted 2021-03-02)

DELO and Infotech Collaborate on 3D Printing System
DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applicat... (posted 2021-03-02)

LK Metrology Enhances ALTERA C Accuracy and Speed
CMM manufacturer LK Metrology has designed a new, more efficient air bearing and carrier which are now being fitted as standard to its AL... (posted 2021-03-01)

CIMT 2021 Preview: Klingelnberg
Now in its 17th year, the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) will take place in Beijing from April 12-17, 2021. Klingelnberg wi... (posted 2021-02-26)

Omni Introduces Parallel Shaft Drop-boxes for Electrified Vehicles
Omni Powertrain Technologies announces the development of a new series of parallel shaft gearboxes which address cost, performance and pa... (posted 2021-02-25)

Mazak Introduces INTEGREX i-630V AG Hybrid Multi-Tasking Machine
During its recent All Axes LIVE virtual event in February, Mazak showed shops how they can add gear cutting to their part-processing repe... (posted 2021-02-24)

ECM Reports Flex Multi-Chamber System Orders for LPC
ECM’s dedication to providing captive and commercial heat treaters vacuum furnace solutions continues into 2021 with two multi-cham... (posted 2021-02-23)

Klingelnberg Offers Fatigue Strength and Service Calculation of Gears
Bevel gear design is well-established. Flank geometry optimization is used worldwide to ensure satisfactory low-noise emissions and speci... (posted 2021-02-22)

Siemens Digital Enhances Simcenter Testlab
Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced the availability of the latest release of Simcenter Testlab software. It is part of the... (posted 2021-02-19)

LK Metrology Introduces Ultra-Accuracy Portable Measuring Arms
LK Metrology has been manufacturing static coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) since 1963. It has now expanded its FREEDOM arm range of ... (posted 2021-02-18)

ABB's RobotStudio Offers Braking Distance Simulator
ABB's RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software has been upgraded with a new virtual robot braking distance function de... (posted 2021-02-17)

Verisurf Announces Complete 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Solution
Verisurf Software, Inc. recently announced special limited time pricing on its 3D scanning and reverse engineering solution bundle at $14... (posted 2021-02-15)

Schunk Improves Accessibility with 5-Axis Vise
The KONTEC KSX-C2, a 5-axis vise from Schunk, provides new opportunities for high-precision 6-sided machining. With a striking, upwardly ... (posted 2021-02-12)

KISSsoft Examines Plastic Gears and Tooth Form Aspects
With injection molded plastic gears, the designer has a great degree of freedom in defining the tooth form because it is not the result o... (posted 2021-02-11)

Forest City Gear Adds Zeiss CMM to Quality Assurance Department
Forest City Gear has expanded the capabilities of its Quality Assurance Department with the addition of a Zeiss ACCURA Coordinate Measuri... (posted 2021-02-09)

E-Xstream Engineering Examines Production Costs of Composite 3D Printing
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's e-Xstream engineering division has introduced new simulation and virtual manufacturing capabilit... (posted 2021-02-09)

Exact Metrology Offers Raytech Measuring Tables
Exact Metrology sells Raytech Measuring Systems. These are shop-floor dimensional measuring machines like the single axis and the three a... (posted 2021-02-04)

Ipsen PdMetrics Offers Additional Diagnostics
A new feature on the PdMetrics dashboard monitors incoming three-phase utilities, voltage and frequency on Ipsen’s Titan 2.0 vacuum... (posted 2021-02-03)

Starrett Introduces Large Field of View Multi-Sensor Vision System
The L.S. Starrett Company has enhanced its AVR300 Multi-Sensor Vision System with a 0.14 magnification lens featuring the largest field o... (posted 2021-02-02)

SMW Autoblok Offers ZeroAct System for Manual and Electric Actuation
SMW Autoblok introduces the connectable ZeroAct workpiece positioning system ideal for manual and electric zero-point clamping used in a ... (posted 2021-02-01)

DCS Introduces 3DCS Design Variation Modeler
Upgrade Excel Tolerance Stacks with 3DCS DVM, an easy to use 3D tolerance analysis tool fully integrated into your CAD platform. Get real... (posted 2021-01-29)

Siemens Digital Offers Quality Management Software
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces Teamcenter Quality software, a new suite of solutions that provide a closed-loop approach f... (posted 2021-01-28)

Liebherr Measuring Rooms Offer High Standard for Quality Control
Close to production, with high cleanliness and air conditioning standards: The two new measuring rooms of Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH at... (posted 2021-01-27)

Mazak Ez Series Offers Streamlined Structure and Advanced Machining Technology
The Mazak Ez Series includes QT-Ez CNC Turning Centers, VC-Ez Vertical Machining Centers and MAZATROL SmoothEz CNCs. With their spac... (posted 2021-01-26)

LK Metrology Offers CMM Stylus Cleaning System
After detailed research into the effects of stylus tip contamination on metrology when using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), Dr Sim... (posted 2021-01-25)

Big Kaiser Offers Small Smart Damper Boring Head Options
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has released two smaller sizes of the EWN Smart Damper precision boring heads, which eliminate vibration in ... (posted 2021-01-22)

TCI Precision Expands Standard Machine-Ready Blanks Offering
TCI Precision Metals has expanded its offering of Standard Machine-Ready Blanks and added a new, easy to use, online store, https://... (posted 2021-01-21)

Open Mind Introduces Latest CAD/CAM Updates to hyperMILL
Open Mind Technologies AG has introduced its latest hyperMILL 2021.1 CAD/CAM software suite which offers users new and enhanced features ... (posted 2021-01-20)

Mitutoyo America Releases New MeasurLink Collection Schedule Module
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new module into its MeasurLink Suite.MeasurLink’s Collection S... (posted 2021-01-19)

Consortium Develops Powertrain for Autonomous Vehicles
A consortium of businesses is developing an electric powertrain that will meet the demands of future vehicles.Electric powertrains (motor... (posted 2021-01-18)

Drivetrain Hub Launches Gears App
Drivetrain Hub has launched its fully web-based gear software, Gears App.  Gears App is the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) g... (posted 2021-01-15)

Siemens Announces Simcenter 3D 2021
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest release of Simcenter 3D software, part of the Simcenter port... (posted 2021-01-14)

Chiron Offers Highly Flexible Additive Machine
The Chiron Group has expanded its core competencies - metalworking and automation – to include additive manufacturing. “As a ... (posted 2021-01-13)

Ingersoll Expands High Speed and Feed Product Lines
Ingersoll has announced the introduction of more than 30 new product lines. These unique and creative designs offer speed and feed capabi... (posted 2021-01-11)

VOMAT Offers KFA 1500 System
The larger the batches in tool grinding, and the more grinding machines are involved in the process, it becomes more worthwhile to employ... (posted 2021-01-07)

Methods Machine Tools Introduces JobShop Cell PRO
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has introduced the JobShop Cell PRO, a new standard automation solution featuring the RoboDrill D21SiBadv Ver... (posted 2021-01-06)

Solar Atmospheres Completes Major Vacuum Furnace Rebuild
Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania recently completed a hot zone replacement on one of their larger horizontal car bottom vacuum f... (posted 2021-01-05)

Seco Assists with Common Aerospace Challenges
In order to help work through both common and unique challenges, Seco Tools has an aerospace task force made up of aerospace specialists ... (posted 2021-01-04)