Gear Industry Product News 2020

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Dillon Offers Pin Location Jaws for Air Chucks
Dillon Manufacturing, Inc. full grip (pie) blank jaws manufactured for Northfield, Microcentric and others, are CNC milled to provide max... (posted 2020-11-25)

Northfield Precision Offers Chucking System with No Air Tubes or Hoses
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation offers mounting air chucks to rotary tables and pallets. Northfield’s engineering team ... (posted 2020-11-24)

Big Kaiser Introduces Nirox High-Performance Drill
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling introduces the Nirox high-performance drill from Sphinx, the newest addition to its cutting tool lineup. Ava... (posted 2020-11-23)

C-B Gear & Machine Expands Capability with 5-Axis Milling
C-B Gear & Machine has expanded its precision milling capability with the addition of a new DMG MORI DMU 210P2 5-axis milling center.... (posted 2020-11-19)

Marposs Offers Minimicromar3 Gauge for Small Ground Components
Marposs has announced Minimicromar3, an in- and post-process grinding gauge designed for small diameter measurement. This ultra-compact g... (posted 2020-11-18)

Forest City Gear Expands Threaded Wheel Grinding Capabilities
Forest City Gear now can perform hard fine finishing of larger diameter cylindrical gears faster and more efficiently in higher volumes w... (posted 2020-11-17)

Schunk Develops New Gripping Technology
With the help of adhesive forces, geckos have been moving easily over smooth surfaces for millions of years. Now, Schunk is using this pr... (posted 2020-11-16)

Exact Metrology Offers HD Mode for 3D Scanners
Exact Metrology has increased the capability of their Artec 3D handheld scanners with the new HD mode. This Artificial Intelligence-power... (posted 2020-11-13)

High QA Offers Latest Version of Inspection Manager
High QA, a manufacturing quality management automation software provider, has released Version 5.1 of its Inspection Manager (IM) softwar... (posted 2020-11-12)

KISSsoft Extends SKF Bearing Module Functionality
The SKF bearing module in KISSsoft now offers additional bearing performance output parameters (module WPK and WB1): bearing friction and... (posted 2020-11-11)

Kennametal Expands Ball Nose End Mill Series
Kennametal has introduced an expansion to the HARVI I TE series, the HARVI I TE four-flute ball nose end mill. Designed for highly produc... (posted 2020-11-10)

EMAG Wins Red Dot Award for AI Solution
The factories of the future are connected—in every respect: Machines communicate with each other regarding errors or required maint... (posted 2020-11-09)

Siemens Digital Adds Autonomous Vehicle Performance Engineering to Xcelerator Portfolio
Siemens Digital Industries Software announced Simcenter SCAPTOR software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) data collection, f... (posted 2020-11-06)

Solar Atmospheres Vacuum Hardens Large H13 Liner
Solar Atmospheres of Western PA successfully vacuum hardened one of the largest aluminum extrusion liners ever produced by Lake Park Tool... (posted 2020-11-05)

Lucifer Furnaces Builds Top Loading Furnace for Medical Manufacturer
Lucifer Furnaces recently supplied a Top Loading Furnace to a leading tooling manufacturer. Model TL7-481818 has a chamber size of 48&rdq... (posted 2020-11-04)

SMW Autoblok Introduces MM E-Motion Power Chuck
SMW Autoblok introduces the fully sealed MM e-motion 4-jaw chuck providing contact-free adjustment of the gripping force without unclampi... (posted 2020-11-03)

SEW-EURODRIVE Provides Drive Solution for Ilsemann Automation
Especially for gantry systems, rapidly accelerating heavy loads can shoot the electrical power demand of frequency drives through the roo... (posted 2020-11-02)

Dillon Offers Chucks for Various Workholding Applications
Dillon Manufacturing offers their full line of chucks for various workholding applications. Application chucks such as the universal ball... (posted 2020-10-30)

Oelheld Introduces Airforge OH Synthetic Die Lubricant
Oelheld now offers AirForge OH 40028, a non-graphite die lube, which was particularly formulated for aluminum forging. With more and more... (posted 2020-10-29)

TCI Precision Introduces Machine-Ready Blanks Program
TCI Precision Metals has announced a program to provide customers with first article sample parts on request with accompanying production... (posted 2020-10-28)

Junker Offers Non-Cylindrical Grinding Machine for Process Reliability
BMW Motorrad uses the JUCRANK non-cylindrical grinding machine for different grinding operations on boxer crankshafts. These are assemble... (posted 2020-10-27)

Machine Tool Builders Offers Three Hamai Hobbing Machine Configurations
Machine Tool Builders has recently introduced the new Hamai machine to the North American market. Hamai offers three different finer pitc... (posted 2020-10-26)

Weiler Abrasives Adds Color-Coding to Brushes for Stainless Steel
Weiler Abrasives has introduced color-coding on its most popular brushes for stainless steel. The color-coding helps stop cross-contamina... (posted 2020-10-23)

Reishauer Offers Wheel Mounting Cart
The Reishauer Wheel Mounting Cart, ErgoMount, enables the machine operator to ergonomically and safely change grinding wheels and clampin... (posted 2020-10-22)

GWJ Technology Introduces TBK 2014 Update
GWJ Technology introduces new features with latest software release of TBK 2014. With the newest version of the calculation software the ... (posted 2020-10-21)

Artec 3D Doubles Resolution for Handheld Scanners
Artec 3D, a developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, has announced the successful development of a proprietar... (posted 2020-10-19)

Siemens One Dynamics Offers Powerful Technology Package for Motion Control
With the software version NCU-SW 6.14, Siemens is launching three technology packages exclusively for the CNC Sinumerik One. The Sinumeri... (posted 2020-10-16)

TCI Precision Offers Specialized 'Round-to-Square' Machine-Ready Blanks
TCI Precision Metals has announced the addition of specialized round stock conversion to squared, high precision Machine-Ready Blanks.&nb... (posted 2020-10-14)

Norton Winter AEON Electroplated Wheels Offer Increased Productivity
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has announced the introduction of its new Norton Winter AEON Electroplated Grinding Wheels for high precision appl... (posted 2020-10-13)

Buehler Introduces Latest Hardness Tester
Buehler has introduced its newest Rockwell Hardness Tester. The Wilson RH2150 is available in two different sizes, with a vertical capaci... (posted 2020-10-12)

Weiler Abrasives Expands Large Diameter Cutting Wheels
Weiler Abrasives has expanded its offering of Tiger and Wolverine large diameter cutting wheels for chop saws and stationary saws, and ha... (posted 2020-10-09)

Kadia Installs Deburring Automation Cells to Increase ZSO Production
Besides honing, mechanical deburring is the second business area of Kadia. The company's portfolio includes a wide variety of deburri... (posted 2020-10-08)

Big Kaiser Expands Digital Boring Head Program
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling is expanding its offering of digital boring heads to include head sizes down to the CKB1 modular tooling con... (posted 2020-10-07)

ECM Technologies Launches New Eco Furnace
ECM Technologies announces the release of a new furnace system which will replace current sealed quench (SQ) or integral quench (IQ) styl... (posted 2020-10-06)

Mitutoyo America Introduces FORMTRACER Avant Series
Mitutoyo America Corporation has announced the release of the FORMTRACER Avant Series Contour and Surface Roughness measuring system. The... (posted 2020-10-05)

ATI Industrial Automation Develops Radially-Compliant Electric Material Removal Tool
ATI Industrial Automation has developed the RCE-710 Radially-Compliant Electric Material Removal Tool, its first all-in-one, electrically... (posted 2020-09-25)

NUM Launches Digital Twin Technology
CNC specialist NUM has launched digital twin technology that enables machine tool manufacturers to reduce their time to market dramatical... (posted 2020-09-24)

Doosan VMCs Power Joe Gibbs Racing Team
Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) recently added two new Doosan vertical machining centers.Mynx 5400/50As tough as Doosan machines are, after 20 yea... (posted 2020-09-23)

Grieve Offers Inert Atmosphere Oven
This Grieve oven is a 1,250°F (667°C) inert atmosphere oven, currently used for heat treating firearms components at the customer... (posted 2020-09-21)

Big Kaiser SPI Speeds up Data Transfer to the Machine Center
The SPERONI SPI (Simple Post Interface) is the newest of Big Kaiser's Industry 4.0 upgrades to its offering of tool presetting soluti... (posted 2020-09-18)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Acu-Rite
Heidenhain will present a live 15-minute visit at its Acu-Rite headquarters in Illinois on Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 11 a.m. (Central Time) as... (posted 2020-09-17)

Yaskawa Motoman Offers SG-Series SCARA Robots
Yaskawa Motoman’s new SG-series SCARA robots enable extremely fast and precise operation for small part processing. Ideal for a var... (posted 2020-09-16)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc.
Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of Heimatec Live Tools and Angle Heads, Tecnicrafts Swiss Coll... (posted 2020-09-15)

Cortec Expands VCI Technology for Metal Corrosion
Cortec has been awarded yet another patent for innovation in the field of VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) science. This new patent, award... (posted 2020-09-14)

MC Machinery Offers Virtual Product Demos
MC Machinery is offering virtual product demos (VPD) in laser, EDM, milling, press brake and automation as part of its continued efforts ... (posted 2020-09-14)

ECM Offers Used Vacuum Furnace Systems
ECM USA has recently acquired two used Flex 600 TG Vacuum Furnace Systems. Both systems are available from 2 to 8 cells with top-down 20 ... (posted 2020-09-11)

Solar Atmospheres Installs All-Metal Hot Zone Vacuum Furnace
Solar Atmospheres recently installed another all-metal hot zone vacuum furnace at its 1969 Clearview Road facility in Souderton, PA.This ... (posted 2020-09-10)

Kennametal Introduces Flat Bottom Geometry for KenTIP FS
Kennametal has expanded its replaceable drill offering for KenTIP FS modular drill series with the new FEG insert for flat bottom hole ap... (posted 2020-09-08)

Siemens Digital Offers End-to-End Plant Overview with Mendix
Siemens Digital Industries Software is leveraging the Mendix low-code application development platform to help customers across industrie... (posted 2020-09-04)

Motus Labs Offers M-Drives Series
Motus Labs, a designer and manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions for the industrial, service, and collaborative robot and a... (posted 2020-09-03)

Wenzel Offers Computed Tomography System Solutions
Wenzel CT Solutions are available for non-destructive measuring and testing tasks with a big range of CT systems. Wenzel supports appropr... (posted 2020-09-02)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: SMW Autoblok
SMW Autoblok launches their first ever Stationary Workholding Promotion offering up to 30 percent off on premium clamping products includ... (posted 2020-08-31)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Helios Gear Products
“While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced IMTS to cancel, Helios nevertheless enthusiastically announces several new pieces of techno... (posted 2020-08-28)

Schunk Introduces iTENDO Sensory Toolholder
Schunk is putting the power of data in your hands with the new iTENDO sensory toolholder. For the first time, it will be possible to moni... (posted 2020-08-27)

REX Heat Treat Adds Super IQ Hybrid System from Seco/Warwick
The Super IQ hybrid system, a conventional and vacuum furnace in one, premiered in October at ASM2019 in Detroit and now it operates for ... (posted 2020-08-26)

Mitutoyo America Launches CRYSTA-Apex V Series
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the CRYSTA-Apex V Series to its Coordinate Measuring Machine product l... (posted 2020-08-25)

Big Kaiser Adds Noventa from Sphinx to Milling Cutter Lineup
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling introduces the Noventa from Sphinx, the newest addition to its milling cutter lineup. The Noventa is ideal f... (posted 2020-08-24)

Helios Introduces Hera 200 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
Helios Gear Products exclusively offers the Helios Hera 200 CNC gear hobbing machine. This machine, manufactured by YG Tech, provides gea... (posted 2020-08-21)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Gleason Corporation
At the 2019 MPT show in Detroit, Michigan USA, Gleason unveiled for the first time its new Hard Finishing Cell (HFC) with integrated, 100... (posted 2020-08-20)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Klingelnberg
With the Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 35, Klingelnberg has implemented a new machine design for the 5-cut method. As a result, ... (posted 2020-08-19)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Bourn & Koch
Bourn & Koch had planned to feature their two flagship gear manufacturing machines, the 400H & Fellows 10-4 retrofit, their newly... (posted 2020-08-18)

GWJ Technology Extends Calculation of Planetary Gear Stages
GWJ Technology has released an updated version of the planetary gear module within the software eAssistant.The calculation module for pla... (posted 2020-08-17)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: EMAG
What will the cars on the street look like in the future? A new study by the Boston Consulting Group forecasts a mix of gasoline and dies... (posted 2020-08-14)

Kennametal Offers Latest Turning Grade for Superalloy Applications
Kennametal has introduced its newest turning grade, KCS10B, for nickel, cobalt and iron-based superalloys used in aerospace and other hig... (posted 2020-08-13)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: MHI Machine Tool Co.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd., a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has developed new models of hobbin... (posted 2020-08-12)

Starrett Introduces Electronic Digital Micrometers
The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced more than 100 Electronic Digital Micrometers with new features for improved ergonomics, function... (posted 2020-08-11)

Lube-It Announces EAM Connector for SAP
Generation Systems, Inc. has announced the release of its advanced SAP/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) interface. This software innovat... (posted 2020-08-10)

IMTS Digital Technology Showcase: Dillon Manufacturing
Special Top Jaws from Dillon Manufacturing can be manufactured from copper, brass, delrin, tool steel, 1018, 1045, 4140, 8620, A-2, 6061 ... (posted 2020-08-07)

Heidenhain Offers TURNPWR Control
Heidenhain offers the ACU-RITE brand TURNPWR control. The new TURNPWR control is a workshop-oriented turning control that enables the use... (posted 2020-08-06)

MESYS Offers Software Version 07/2020
A new version of the MESYS shaft and rolling bearing analysis software including new functionality is available. The bearing analysis sof... (posted 2020-08-05)

Solar Atmospheres Adopts Vacuum Oil Quenching Technology in 2020
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted every industry and business across the globe. Solar Atmospheres of Western PA (SAW... (posted 2020-08-05)

Ingersoll Offers Form-Master R Series
Ingersoll Cutting Tools introduces double-sided inserts in the Form-Master R series. These all new 10 mm and 16 mm IC inserts and cutters... (posted 2020-08-03)

GF Machining Solutions Offers Automated Machine Calibration for Milling Machines
Changes in ambient temperature or working environment and machining parts over long periods of time all impact a milling machine's ge... (posted 2020-07-31)

FVA Releases Workbench 6.0
FVA GmbH has released the latest version of its simulation platform for drive systems. The software combines innovative, research-based c... (posted 2020-07-29)

Wenzel Offers Software Improvements
WM | Quartis R2020-2 offers a wide range of improvements for special applications and areas of use including  an integrated evaluati... (posted 2020-07-28)

Kennametal Introduces HPX Solid Carbide Drill for Steel Applications
Kennametal has introduced an expansion its solid carbide drilling portfolio, the HPX drill for high performance, large volume drilling in... (posted 2020-07-24)

WFL Gives Machine Tools a Second Life
Decades of use on a WFL Millturn can lead to machine and equipment wear and loss of relative performance. Regular upgrades and services s... (posted 2020-07-23)

Lindberg/MPH Ships Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace to Electronics Industry
Lindberg/MPH, a division of Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), announced the shipment of an electric atmosphere continuous mesh belt convey... (posted 2020-07-22)

Hainbuch Offers 2-Jaw Module System
Hainbuch recently introduced the 2-jaw module, a small alternative to the large centric vice. Round workpieces are clamped from the outsi... (posted 2020-07-21)

SMW Autoblok Offers High Precision Power Chuck
SMW Autoblok has introduced the HFKS-2G weight optimized power chuck with flats and large through hole for minimizing inertia, maximizing... (posted 2020-07-20)

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH Introduces Mechanical and Electrostatic Filtration Systems
Viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other germs – oil or coolant mist, dust, and smoke. Mechanical and electrostatic filtration systems ... (posted 2020-07-16)

Norton Offers Grinding Solution for Ductile and Grey Cast Iron Applications
Norton Winter Ironclad Superabrasive Foundry Wheels offer a solution for ductile and grey cast iron applications such as fettling and sna... (posted 2020-07-15)

GWJ Technology Offers Enhanced Calculation of Cylindrical Gears
GWJ Technology GmbH from Germany has updated the calculation module for cylindrical gears in its web-based software solution eAssistant.I... (posted 2020-07-14)

PTG Holroyd Introduces New Gear Grinding Center
A brand-new gear grinding center from Holroyd Precision promises to bring even higher levels of intelligence and efficiency to the produc... (posted 2020-07-13)

Marposs Announces GEMGP Stand-Alone Tool Monitoring Solution
Marposs has announced its new Artis GEMGP stand-alone solution for detecting process anomalies during metal cutting in machine tools. By ... (posted 2020-07-08)

Master Fluid Solutions Launches HyperSol 888NXT for Aerospace Applications
Global leader in metalworking fluids, Master Fluid Solutions, has launched a new product tailored to the unique and complex needs of the ... (posted 2020-07-06)

Marposs Announces Special Edition Laser Tool Setter for Ultrasonic Machining
Marposs has announced the availability of its ML75P Special Edition laser tool setter for controlling ultrasonic tool vibration amplitude... (posted 2020-07-02)

Eldec Offers Coil Design Assistant
Over the last 30+ years of making induction heating coils Eldec has learned that many of its customers’ inductors fall into a relat... (posted 2020-07-01)

EMAG VL 1 TWIN Lowers Unit Cost for Bevel Gears
Bevel gears found in passenger vehicles are mass-produced. Supply companies produce these gears, essential for differentials, by the mill... (posted 2020-06-30)

Helios Introduces TM 1000-CNC Gear Deburring and Chamfering Machine
Helios Gear Products has announced the latest technology improvement to its Tecnomacchine (“TM”) series of gear deburring and... (posted 2020-06-29)

Superior Abrasives Offers Surface Conditioning Belts
Superior Abrasives, LLC introduces Shur-Brite Surface Conditioning Belts which feature an open structure to resist overheating, part disc... (posted 2020-06-25)

Solar Atmospheres Installs Vacuum Furnace that Eliminates Costly Helium
Solar Atmospheres of Western PA is currently installing a new rapid quenching vacuum furnace that will ultimately eliminate the need for ... (posted 2020-06-24)

Seco/Warwick Delivers Two Vector Vacuum Furnaces for Aerospace Application
Seco/Warwick Group has sold 2 vacuum furnaces for an aerospace application to one client in two locations: the USA and Singapore. The Gro... (posted 2020-06-23)

SMW Autoblok Offers Self-Centering Power Chuck
SMW Autoblok recently introduced the SJL 6-jaw (2+2+2) equalizing and self-centering power chuck.Ideal for CNC machining applications, th... (posted 2020-06-22)

NUM Software Provides 'Off the Shelf' Solution for Non-Circular Grinding
NUM provides manufacturers of CNC cylindrical grinding machines with an elegant means of adding non-circular grinding capabilities to the... (posted 2020-06-18)

Ingersoll Offers More Feed and Speed with HiPos-Plus Mills
Ingersoll Cutting Tools introduces HiPos-Plus mills with a diverse range of cutter and insert selections. BOMT inserts offer 2X positive ... (posted 2020-06-17)

Siemens Digital Adds Modern Cloud PLM to Xcelerator Portfolio
Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced Teamcenter X software, a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution delivered as a... (posted 2020-06-16)

Big Kaiser Expands Jet-Through Hydraulic Chuck Line for 5-Axis Machining
Big Kaiser expands its jet-through hydraulic chuck line to include the BCV interface and additional inch sizes.The HDC jet-through type h... (posted 2020-06-16)

Suhner Offers Newly Designed BEX 15
Suhner Industrial Products (Rome, Georgia) recently introduced its machining unit BEX 15 with maximum spindle speed up to 23,000 rpm, thu... (posted 2020-06-15)

Seco Tools Offers IIoT Solutions for HMLV Production
Seco Tools Manufacturing Transformation helps customers address the challenges of high-mix/low-volume (HMLV) production and other modern ... (posted 2020-06-09)

Siemens Digital Introduces Workplace Distancing Solution
Manufacturers are facing new challenges as they look to restart or maintain operations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As preparati... (posted 2020-06-08)

ACE Automation Offers Variety of Equipment
Standard "A la Carte" at ACE Automation means pairing the most cost effective part feed system, part loader and secondary opera... (posted 2020-06-03)

CAS DataLoggers Offers Vibration Measurement System
The Delphin vibration measurement system is highly accurate because it captures vibration frequencies, phase changes and amplitudes befor... (posted 2020-05-28)

GWJ Technology Offers Detailed Online Calculation of Plastic Gears
GWJ Technology has updated its web-based calculation software eAssistant. The calculation of plastic gears is now available.In addition t... (posted 2020-05-26)

Röders GmbH Offers Flexible Gearwheel Production with 5-Axis Machining Centers
The manufacture of gearwheels for machine building applications usually involves machines especially designed for the purpose. Important ... (posted 2020-05-20)

Heidenhain Metrology Unit Offers Reliable Basic Measurement of 1D Values
With its rugged industrial design, Heidenhain’s new shop-floor hardened Gage-Chek 2000 evaluation electronics box is now available.... (posted 2020-05-19)

Ingersoll Adds to Lineup of Deep Hole Drilling Tools
Ingersoll offers 3-Edged indexable deep hole drilling tools. The TPHT insert has three full cutting edges while the LPHT insert (for smal... (posted 2020-05-19)

Helios Gear Introduces Hera 500
Helios Gear Products announces the Helios Hera 500 CNC gear hobbing machine for the North American market. This machine, built by YG Tech... (posted 2020-05-18)

Superior Abrasives Introduces Shur-Kut Coated Cartridge Rolls
Superior Abrasives, LLC introduces Shur-Kut Coated Cartridge Rolls which feature a specially wrapped design which produces new layers for... (posted 2020-05-15)

Wenzel Focuses on Latest Metrology Technology During Virtual Expo
Wenzel recently presented its broad solution portfolio for the measuring room and production during the Wenzel Expo 2020. The expo took p... (posted 2020-05-14)

Solar Atmospheres Installs Gas Nitriding Furnace
To support an increasing demand for high-value gas nitriding, Solar Atmospheres, Souderton Pa, has installed a new, state-of-the-art vacu... (posted 2020-05-13)

Big Kaiser Introduces Chip Breaker Inserts for Finish Boring
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has released two new insert chip-breaker types designed to improve surface finish in long-chipping materials... (posted 2020-05-11)

J.Schneeberger Maschinen AG. Offers Modern Drive Technology for Several Grinding Operations with Corvus Series
The Corvus series machine is designed to offer, high horsepower 5-axis CNC tool grinder for pelletizers, slab mill cutters, and other app... (posted 2020-05-07)

KISSsoft Implements ISO 6336 Changes
ISO 6336 is the most important standard for the strength calculation of cylindrical gears. Parts 1 (principles, general influence facto... (posted 2020-05-06)

Star SU Offers Solid Carbide Gundrills for Medical Machining
Star SU is producing Solid Carbide Gundrills that are used for machining challenging medical grade materials. Star Single Flute Solid Car... (posted 2020-05-04)

Kwik Mark Offers Dot Peen Technology
Dot peen marking technology is one of the most versatile marking solutions on the market today. This technology allows manufacturers to a... (posted 2020-04-30)

Seco Cutters Enable Smooth Disc Milling Operation
To address the difficulties manufacturers face when performing disc milling operations in hard-to-machine materials, Seco Tools has annou... (posted 2020-04-29)

Dillon Fast-Trac Jaw Nuts Provide Quick Change Capability
Dillon Manufacturing presents Fast-Trac Jaw Nuts which convert standard chucks into quick change chucks, reducing jaw change time by 50% ... (posted 2020-04-28)

Walter Presents Vibration-Damping Technology for Machining
With Accure·tec, Walter provides a damping system specially for turning and milling using tools with a long projection length. The... (posted 2020-04-27)

Exact Metrology Offers Large Parts 3D Scanner
Exact Metrology, a comprehensive metrology service provider, now offers the RS-SQUARED area scanner. Manufactured by Hexagon Metrology ... (posted 2020-04-24)

Heidenhain Expands TNC 640 Control Capability
Heidenhain is bringing to market its new Gen 3 version of its high-end TNC 640 control for machine manufacturers and end users looking fo... (posted 2020-04-23)

Starrett Offers Digital Readouts for Optical Comparators
The L.S. Starrett Company is now offering new MetLogix Mx200 Digital Readouts (DRO) for its broad line of rugged, accurate and reliable O... (posted 2020-04-22)

Schunk Offers Quick Change Pallet Technology
For years, quick-change pallet modules have been considered an efficient means of optimizing set-up time for production. Universal standa... (posted 2020-04-21)

VELO3D Launches Large Format 3D Metal Printer
Digital manufacturing innovator VELO3D has announced its plans to launch a next-generation Sapphire industrial 3D metal printer with a ve... (posted 2020-04-16)

Siemens Offers Sinumerik 828D CNC Through Fast Package Program
To offer a fast solution to US-based machine tool builders, system integrators and retrofitters, Siemens is stocking typical system packa... (posted 2020-04-16)

SMT Releases Latest MASTA Update
SMT recently announced the next major release of MASTA 10.1, that is now available for all users and evaluators. This release, as with pr... (posted 2020-04-15)

Ingersoll Adds Insert to Superfinishing High-Feed Face Mills
Ingersoll has introduced its Gold-Max 4 FFIN. Features include cutting diameters from 2.00” thru 8.00”, two insert types, eac... (posted 2020-04-14)

Universal Robots Introduces Autonomous Bin Picking Kit
The complexity of automated bin picking is well-known throughout the industry, requiring huge efforts in both integration and programming... (posted 2020-04-13)

EMAG LaserTec Develops Holistic Approach to Commercial Vehicles
When the catch phrase “lightweight design” is used for the automobile production, it typically refers to passenger cars, rare... (posted 2020-04-10)

Helios Announces NEO Power Skiving Machine
Helios Gear Products announces a new line of machine tools from YG Tech that serves gear manufacturers seeking a power skiving solution. ... (posted 2020-04-09)

Vector from Seco/Warwick Accommodates Wide Range of Thermal Processes
Vector from Seco/Warwick is a single chamber HPGQ model loaded with capabilities, and highly flexible to accommodate a wide range of ther... (posted 2020-04-06)

Full Version of FVA-Workbench Software Available Free of Charge
This is an unprecedented situation. Travel restrictions and working from home shape our daily routine. The length and impact of the pande... (posted 2020-04-03)

Verisurf Offers Free Metrology Training Courses and Software
Verisurf Software is offering its comprehensive online metrology training courses FREE of charge. Now through June 30, you can access Ver... (posted 2020-04-03)

Mahr Digital Micrometers Offer Capabilities for Specialized Measuring Tasks
Mahr Inc. has announced a series of new Micromar Micrometers offering capabilities to perform specialized measuring tasks. Micromar 40EWR... (posted 2020-04-02)

Ricardo Introduces New Approach to Transmission Design
The 2020.1 Ricardo Software release marks the completion of the Ricardo transmission analysis solution, which provides a seamless toolcha... (posted 2020-04-01)

CAS DataLoggers Offer Monitoring Solutions for Heat Treaters
CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature data logging solution for a factory with multiple lines of (fixed) heat treating ovens. The fact... (posted 2020-03-30)

Big Kaiser Introduces Stabilizer 50 System
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling has introduced the UNILOCK Stabilizer 50 System for UNIFLEX Ball System. This modular system provides latera... (posted 2020-03-27)

Mahr Adds Depth Gages to Wireless Line Offerings
Mahr Inc. has announced an expanded line of digital depth gages. The pocket-sized 30 EWRi is easy to take along for fast depth measuremen... (posted 2020-03-26)

Frenco Examines International Spline Interface Standard for Ebike Manufacturing
The inspection method described in the International Spline Interface Standard (ISIS), uses a ring gage with two steps on the front side.... (posted 2020-03-24)

Destaco Launches New Power Clamp Series
Destaco is pleased to announce the launch and availability of its Model 84A40-1/84A50-1 Power Clamps. Despite their very compact double-a... (posted 2020-03-23)

Mitutoyo Introduces New M2 2D Processor Package with PH-3515 Profile Projector
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new M2 2D Processor as part of a new package with the PH-3515 Prof... (posted 2020-03-20)

Siemens Digital Industries Offers Latest Simcenter Release
Siemens Digital Industries Software announces its latest release of Simcenter Star-CCM+ software, part of the Simcenter portfolio of simu... (posted 2020-03-19)

Klingelnberg Offers Latest Metrology Solutions
For decades, users in a broad array of industries have relied on Klingelnberg’s proven measuring technology, which replaces up to s... (posted 2020-03-17)

Tsubakimoto Offers Full Range of Sprockets
Tsubakimoto offers a full range of sprockets, all available from stock, for the European market. The line-up includes products manufactur... (posted 2020-03-16)

TCI Precision Metals Invests in High-Volume Solutions for Machine-Ready Blanks
TCI Precision Metals announced it has completed installation of its new high precision plate saw, the Schelling fm8. The saw is the lates... (posted 2020-03-13)

GWJ Offers Latest Version of SystemManager
The new SystemManager version - an extension of the standard calculation software eAssistant and TBK - allows users to create shaft geome... (posted 2020-03-11)

Ceratizit Offers Single Point Turning Solution
High Dynamic Turning (HDT) from Ceratizit combined with the company’s dynamic FreeTurn tooling allows customers to carry out all tr... (posted 2020-03-10)

Oelheld Offers AquaTec 7655 for High-Pressure Applications
Oelheld's AquaTec 7655 is suitable for high-pressure applications or processing non-ferrous metals. During the development of the Aqu... (posted 2020-03-06)

Gleason Vertical Power Skiving Machines Equipped with On-Board Cutter Resharpening Unit
A fully integrated on-board cutter resharpening unit is now available for Gleason Vertical Power Skiving machines, allowing for the compl... (posted 2020-03-04)

Dillon Manufacturing Hard Jaws Feature Diamond-Shaped Serrations
Hard Jaws from Dillon Manufacturing, Inc., feature diamond shaped serrations for increased pull down effect which reduces part slippage a... (posted 2020-03-03)

Mazak Announces Midwest Discover Event
Mazak Corporation has announced that it will host its first Discover More with Mazak technology and education event of the year at the Mi... (posted 2020-03-02)

Helios KFS 100 and 250 Sharpeners Turn 20
In 1999, the global gear manufacturing industry suffered from limited choices of CNC gear tool sharpening equipment. Consequently, Helios... (posted 2020-02-26)

Solar Atmospheres Commissions Scanning Electron Microscope
To meet the challenges of the metal treating industry, Solar Atmospheres recently purchased and commissioned a Hitachi smart Scanning Ele... (posted 2020-02-25)

Grieve Offers Heavy-Duty Box Furnace
No. 954 is an electrically-heated 2000°F(~1093°C) inert atmosphere heavy-duty box furnace from Grieve, currently used for heat tr... (posted 2020-02-21)

Methods Introduces 5-Axis Bridge-Type Machining Center
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has introduced the all-new Methods MB 450U Simultaneous 5-Axis Bridge-Type Machining Center, loaded with feat... (posted 2020-02-20)

KISSsoft Offers Direct Access to SKF Bearing Data
Recently, the Swedish rolling bearing manufacturer SKF and the Swiss gearbox design software developer KISSsoft have joined forces: The K... (posted 2020-02-19)

Starrett Expands Travel on Optical Comparator
The L.S. Starrett Company has recently expanded the Horizontal X-Axis Travel on its HB400 Benchtop Optical Comparator from 12" to ... (posted 2020-02-18)

Open Mind Introduces Latest Version of Hypermill Software
Open Mind Technologies AG has introduced Hypermill 2020.1, a new version of its advanced, comprehensive CAD/CAM software suite. In additi... (posted 2020-02-17)

Index Announces Next-Generation Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe
Index has announced the launch of its next generation MS32-6 multi-spindle automatic lathe. This newest version of the six-spindle mach... (posted 2020-02-14)

Haas to Showcase Gear Skiving Developments at GrindTec 2020
There are an infinite number of different gear geometries. Nevertheless, engineers keep coming up with new variants. Gearboxes are becomi... (posted 2020-02-13)

Big Kaiser Expands Tool Insert Options
Big Kaiser Precision Tooling is adding more than 30 pressed-geometry carbide inserts for its tools. The new insert design is the result o... (posted 2020-02-12)

Stagnoli Offers Plastic Gearing for High Performance Applications
The request for higher performance solutions intensifies metal replacement activity in many fields like automotive, medical, aerospace,... (posted 2020-02-11)

API Calibrates More Than 200 Laser Trackers
API Services’, ISO 17025 accredited, laser tracker calibration facilities provide OEM factory calibration of laser trackers at its ... (posted 2020-02-10)

Schunk Offers Miniature Clamping Module for Compact Applications
Schunk has developed a completely sealed miniature clamping module specifically for compact applications in the metal cutting industry, a... (posted 2020-02-07)

Weiler Expands Flap Disc Offering
Weiler Abrasives has expanded its Tiger and Wolverine flap disc offering. The expansion includes 4.5-inch high density discs in a conical... (posted 2020-02-06)

Marposs Introduces New Probing Software
Marposs introduces the CNC Probing Recorder software package—an automatic measurement, report and process control acquisition syste... (posted 2020-02-05)

Forest City Gear Adds Finish Grinding Capacity
Forest City Gear has expanded its capacity for very high precision finish grinding of external, internal, straight and helical gears and ... (posted 2020-02-04)

Seco/Warwick Delivers All-Metal High Vacuum Furnace to Hauck HT
An all-metal high vacuum furnace with the working chamber size of 1200 x1200 x2000 mm is the first of a kind and was delivered to Hauck H... (posted 2020-02-03)

Grindtec 2020: ANCA
Visit ANCA (Hall 7, Stand 7045) to see practical, working solutions that could be operating for you tomorrow – solutions that wil... (posted 2020-01-30)

Cortec Offers EcoLine 3690 Coating for Sustainability and Rust Prevention
Today, U.S. federal agencies and their contractors have to meet special biobased requirements when purchasing products from 139 categorie... (posted 2020-01-29)

IPTEX 2020 Preview: Klingelnberg
The IPTEX (International Power Transmission Expo) trade show - which takes place from February 13 to 15, 2020 - is an exclusive show cove... (posted 2020-01-28)

Grieve Offers Jumbo Walk-In Electric Oven
No. 976 is a 500ºF (~260ºC) electrically-heated jumbo walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for heating molds at the custome... (posted 2020-01-27)

Kyocera Develops New Generation of High-Performance Milling Cutters
Kyocera Corporation announced its new MEV series of efficient, multi-functional milling cutters for metal machining applications. The n... (posted 2020-01-24)

Hexagon Optimizes CMM Performance with Asset Management Software
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division recently launched HxGN SFx | Asset Management, a cloud-ready software solution that h... (posted 2020-01-23)

KISSsoft Offers Multiple Solutions for Gearbox Software
Whether a gearbox is to be produced in-house or outsourced is still a central question for many companies. To make the right and quick de... (posted 2020-01-22)

Grind Master Offers Latest Machine Technology at IMTEX 2020
Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd. will showcase a variety of products and technologies during IMTEX 2020 in Hall 4, Booth #C104.  ... (posted 2020-01-20)

Mitutoyo Releases HR-600 Hardness Tester
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the HR-600 Hardness Tester into its line of precision measuring instru... (posted 2020-01-17)

Eaton Cummins Endurant Transmission Becomes Standard Equipment for International Truck
Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies has announced its Endurant 12-speed automated transmission – one of the lightest,... (posted 2020-01-17)

Ingersoll Offers CVD Coating for High Temp Alloy Finish Turning
Ingersoll announces a new CVD coating for high temp alloy finish turning. The TT3005 features a high abrasion resistant ultra-fine substr... (posted 2020-01-13)

Marposs Offers New Wide-Screen Version of E9066 Industrial Computer
Marposs Corp. has announced the availability of its E9066E 15.6-in. wide-screen industrial computer for data collection, measurement, ind... (posted 2020-01-09)

MD&M West 2020 Preview: SDP/SI
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) provides mechanical based design, engineering, and manufacturing for motion control app... (posted 2020-01-09)

Verisurf Releases Mobile App
Verisurf Software has released its new mobile Verisurf Companion App, designed to improve productivity of measurement, build, and inspect... (posted 2020-01-06)

Siemens Digital Industries Releases Latest Version of Parasolid Software
The latest version of Parasolid software is now available from Siemens Digital Industries Software. The updates to Parasolid include enha... (posted 2020-01-03)