A lasting memory from childhood is how long it took for future events to occur. We started looking forward to Christmas when the Sears catalog arrived in late October, and it seemed like forever until the Big Day finally arrived. The same thing happened with summer vacation, except there was no catalog to moon over.

Time seems to speed up as we age; now the months fly by like some 1940s movie technique to alert the viewer to a change in time. Our family does not have any youngsters around at the moment, so the year-end holidays have been somewhat dull of late.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t enjoying the holiday decorations and celebrations, though. Instead of an early start on gift opening we’re sleeping in and watching favorite movies late into the night.

I prefer to think of it as recharging our batteries for a big 2015. Hopefully you have enjoyed 2014 and are already full of plans for a better new year. Holiday “down time” is a wonderful opportunity to anticipate the exciting days ahead. As Momma used to warn, “Anticipation is greater than realization.”

Or is it?

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