Something to Look Forward to

With Super Bowl 50 behind us, the sporting public can turn its attention to basketball and hockey while baseball teams start spring training. Those of us of a more mechanical bent turn to auto racing on television until activity starts at our local bull rings.

In years past I looked forward to news of the new creations being prepared for the Indianapolis 500, which this year will be contested for the 100th time. Twice as long as that highly touted football game but no longer quite the national event it once was. The reasons for this decline in attention are many and complex; too complex to discuss in an engineering blog.

One big event that has not lost its luster in the International Machine Tool Show here in Chicago September 12-17, 2016. I have long joked that it is Disneyland for gearheads. Every type of machine needed to make any product is on display from makers around the world.

A few weeks back I bemoaned the lack of advances in the fine pitch gear sector, Shortly thereafter an unsolicited e-mail arrived touting a 60mm capacity hobber with many of the features I had been wishing for. Hopefully my clients will follow up on it and the machine builder will have one on display at McCormick Place so they can see the self –loading and unloading, crowning, and CNC controls in action.

That is one of the truly amazing things about IMTS; not only do your gearhead relatives from around the world come to Chicago, they bring their best new toys for you to see close up and in operation! We at Gear Technology do our best to keep you informed of the advances in machines, tools, and software in every issue but for IMTS you can expect a great pre-view issue too. Make sure your subscriptions are current so you don’t miss anything.

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