Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It remains one of our least marketable celebrations — unless you count the intrusion of Christmas shopping into a day formerly reserved for family, food, and football.

Among the things I like about Thanksgiving are its being scheduled on a Thursday in a month that tends towards grey and depressing. An otherwise “regular” day is transformed into an opportunity to reflect on life and enjoy the company of those close to you.

2014 has been a challenging year for some people, a great year for others. I hope all of you can take some time and remember at least three things that occurred that made you happy.

I got to spend some time with my family during a short trip out East. My consulting business keeps me busy enough, but still allows time for other activities — like writing this blog. Most importantly, my family enjoys good health and has interesting professional challenges.

Could things be better? Of course; but we dare not spend too much time in fantasy land, lest we miss the very real pleasures of every day.

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