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The KISSsoft calculation program has been developed to focus on the needs of mechanical engineers and power transmission professionals. It provides a quick and easy way of designing, optimizing and rating machine components in accordance with the applicable standards (ISO, AGMA, DIN etc.). The design process is significantly accelerated, especially when variations of the same part are to be compared. KISSsoft is highly versatile and is used in a wide variety of applications including automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, textile machinery and power generation.

The gear package calculates the geometry and performance characteristics of spur/helical gears, bevel gears, hypoid gears, crossed helical gears, worm gears and face gears. From the first rough design to the final manufacturing and quality assurance, KISSsoft supports the engineer with exact calculations. Refined design and optimization algorithms simplify the entire design process and guarantee that the necessary degree of safety is achieved.

The shaft-bearing package calculates the static and fatigue strength of shafts according to well accepted standards (FKM, DIN), checks the deformation and the critical running speeds of shafts and bearings. The bearing life is calculated based on the reaction forces in the shaft analysis taking into account lubrication effects.

Other parts of KISSsoft cover shaft-hub connections like splines, keys, interference fit and others, high strength bolts and screws, welded, glued and soldered joints and several types of springs.

The calculations are implemented in a highly configurable environment offering five languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). Thanks to its open concept, KISSsoft can be adapted to almost any individual needs. A database program is included with which any technical data and parameters can be altered, adjusted or added. Input values necessary to run the calculations, such as required safety margins and usage factor, can be preset to user- specified values. Each calculation generates a comprehensive report for documentation purposes. The user can define the content and length of these reports according to requirements.

Using KISSsys, power train engineering is taken to the next level. Modelling a complete power train or gearbox for strength analysis becomes reality. The KISSsys program utilizes KISSsoft calculations to model complete systems of machine components, e.g. complete gearboxes and power trains. KISSsys calculates the power flow and manages relationships between different variables. It has a built-in interpreter programming language, so even very complex designing or optimization tasks can be handled. Due to an included 3D-core, CAD models of housings can be read into the gearbox model. Checks are repeatedly carried out for collisions between modelled parts including the housing during sizing.

The software is only part of the product. It is completed by comprehensive and quick support by phone or e-mail, and access to further services such as training and engineering consultancy.

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