Doosan VMCs Power Joe Gibbs Racing Team

Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) recently added two new Doosan vertical machining centers.Mynx 5400/50As tough as Doosan machines are, after 20 yea...

DNM 750 L II from Doosan.

Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) recently added two new Doosan vertical machining centers.

Mynx 5400/50

As tough as Doosan machines are, after 20 years or so they can use a little help. That’s why in early 2019, JGR bought a new Mynx 5400/50 to complement a DMV 6025 that has been cranking out parts since early 2000. That worked out so well that recently, they took delivery of another one.

The Mynx 5400/50 is a boxway machine with a 47.2” x 21.2” table and a 6,000 r/min gear head spindle. It’s designed for heavy duty cutting, high accuracy and superior surface finishes. They are built a bit smaller than the old DMV 6025, which suits JGR as things were getting a little cramped in the shop. In fact, with the smaller footprint, both of the Mynx machines fit in the space that was once allotted to one larger machine.

Used for roughing harder materials like steel (4140 and 4340 grades), JGR is currently using both Mynx VMCs for machining big chassis components, suspension spindles and spring buckets.

Word from the shop floor is that the new machine is up and running with no problems at all. The operators love the graphical user interface (GUI) for the Renishaw probing software since it allows for easier set up and in-process measuring, both of which save a lot of time.

DNM 750 L II

Most racecars today are made of carbon fiber components, which require the machining of aluminum molds. To help out with this task, JGR also recently took delivery of another vertical machine model from Doosan: the DNM 750 L II. It has a CAT 40 BIG-PLUS spindle that runs at 12,000 r/min powered by a 21 hp motor, which is perfect for aluminum but has a good torque curve for handling steel as well.

The linear guideway allows for high speed, high precision machining of larger workpieces. The table size is 85” x 29.9” with an allowable table load of close to 4,000 lbs. JGR uses it mainly for larger aluminum work (6061 and 7075 grades). The big table gives them the option of machining one hefty workpiece or setting the table up for multiple smaller pieces.

Utilizing Schunk’s quick change pallet system makes for easy changeover of parts and keeps work holding repeatable and very accurate. The FANUC 0iMF controller is very well equipped with AICC 1 and Doosan’s tool load monitoring and adaptive federate control software.

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