Kapp's Rotor Grinding Technology Improves Efficiency by 30 Percent

The Kapp RX 59 allows the rotors used in air compressors to be manufactured on the machines by using a high precision grinding process.

Rotors ground with Kaap CBN plated tools have a single layer of CBN abrasive held in a nickel bond to a steel bond. A grinding spindle is mounted on both sides and accommodates several grinding wheels, which are applied sequentially by moving the machine's shift axis. This enables two-stage grinding process of roughing and finishing. Additionally, the rotor grinding machines integrate measuring equipment that allows controlled machining and size control in the micron range.

According to Kapp's press release, the machines produce unrivaled cycle times, possible by using high-powered direct drive spindle motors. The company says the RX 59 increased efficiency by 30% over the past three years.

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