MPT Expo Preview: Klingelnberg

Reducing measurement times in series measurement thanks to hybrid solutionKlingelnberg (Booth #3629) precision measuring centers can be o...

Pitch measurement with HISPEED OPTOSCAN.

Reducing measurement times in series measurement thanks to hybrid solution

Klingelnberg (Booth #3629) precision measuring centers can be optionally equipped or retrofitted with an optical solution. Klingelnberg has worked very intensively on the entire signal chain of optical measuring technology and, together with several development partners, has developed a measuring system specially tailored to the requirements of gear measurement. 

In serial measurement of a cylindrical gear, the profile and lead are typically measured on three or four teeth, and pitch measurement is performed on all teeth. This tactile pitch measurement necessarily involves inserting the stylus into each tooth space. With optical measurement, by contrast, nothing is inserted into the tooth spaces. Accordingly, pitch measurement offers the greatest potential for reducing the measurement time. Through optical measurement of the pitch using one continuous, uninterrupted rotation of the component, the measurement time advantage increases with large numbers of teeth to up to 80 percent. It is not necessary to scan a large area of the gear with multiple revolutions.

This optical pitch measurement is combined with the tactile measurement of Precision Measuring Centers the profile and lead. Overall, the total measurement time decreases by up to 40 percent. Thus, in cases where there is a high utilization rate of the measuring machine, the costs for the optical metrology option are quickly recovered.

G 35 – Optimal and maximum productivity in the aviation industry

Just as innovative and inspiring is another innovation from Klingelnberg: with the Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 35, the gearing specialist has implemented a new machine design for the 5-cut method. As a result, the manufacture of aviation gearing as regards efficiency is really taking off. To achieve this, the system provider has combined proven technology with new ideas. Background: bevel gears manufactured using the 5-cut method with a fixed setting are used in the aviation industry. This entails the consecutive machining of convex and concave pinion flanks, with different tools and different machine settings. Due to complex certification procedures for aerospace applications, changing to another gearing is not an option. However, the newly developed Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 35 makes the production of aerospace gearings much more efficient thanks to its technology: with its two vertically arranged grinding spindles, it is specially tailored to these requirements. In contrast to older dual-spindle concepts with fixed grinding spindles, the G 35 is equipped with two grinding heads that are positionable independently of each other, thus enabling maximum flexibility.  The high rigidity and thermal stability ensure optimum machining results and, thanks to the advanced vertical concept, grinding sludge deposits in the working chamber can be avoided. Its name, "Clean Cabin", is thereby justified. The machine’s operating concept is based on the forward-looking KOP-G software interface, which is operated intuitively via a high-resolution touch screen. Function keys on the control panel thus provide direct access to frequently used setup functions.
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