PM Touches Your Life DVD Released

Powder Metallurgy: The Preferred Metal-Forming Solution, a new video showcasing the fabrication capabilities of the various technologies known collectively as powder metallurgy (PM), has just been released on DVD by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). The 13-minute production, built on the theme, "Every day, in some way, PM touches your life," uses dozens of examples of actual components manufactured for many different applications to illustrate the benefits PM offers parts designers and engineers.

Aimed principally at potential end users who may not be familiar with the capabilities of conventional PM, metal injection molding (MIM), hot isostatic pressing (HIP), and other PM technologies, the video serves as a brief introduction to the real-world advantages of these state-of the-art forming processes, with particular emphasis on their contributions to the concept of sustainability.

PM parts producers will find the DVD an indispensable tool with which to equip their sales and marketing personnel. It is an ideal vehicle to use as a seminar introductory piece. What's more, companies involved in any aspect of PM can use it to orient all employees, as it quickly stimulates an appreciation of the value they bring to customers' products.

 The DVD is available for purchase online through the MPIF Publications Department.

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