Oven Industries, Inc. Receives Aerospace Certification

Oven Industries, Inc. recently announced it has been awarded official accreditation to the AS9100 international aerospace quality standard. This standard enables the company to actively bid on aerospace and defense contracts globally and clears the way to work with OEMs and their Tier One manufacturers across the United States and Europe.

The AS9100 standard provides qualification to be considered an aerospace supplier, public recognition, internal validation of procedures and controls and independent feedback to foster continual improvement. Most major aircraft engine manufacturers including Airbus, General Electric's Aircraft Engine Division, Boeing, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce Allison and Pratt & Whitney require AS9100. Oven Industries AS9100 certification was achieved in 10 months from the project launch and ensures that the company has the right procedures and track record to do the most stringent aerospace work in the future.

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