Hexagon Metrology Debuts CNC Measuring Arm at Fabtech

Hexagon Metrology introduced a new CNC articulated measuring arm at Fabtech that president and CEO William Gruber calls ?our version of a concept car.?

According to the company's press release, the pre-production arm incorporates components of a ROMER Infinite measuring arm and applies CNC motion to create a measuring arm that combines the portability of an arm CMM with the programmability and repeatability of a fixed CMM. The CNC version of the measuring arm frees the operator from repetitive or awkward measuring tasks that can be subject to operator fatigue and can affect the repeatability of results.

The CNC arm can be configured in many different ways, depending on the application. Probing options include laser scanning non-contact probes, touch probes or infrared tube measuring probes. The unit weighs 88 lbs. and can be mounted in many different positions and configurations, including fixed linear rail or tripod.

For more information:

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