Bison Gear Introduces Line of AC Motors

Bison Gear & Engineering introduced a new line of custom AC motors manufactured in their St. Charles, IL, facility.

Motors will be available in the 34 and 49 frame. The 34 frame (3.3") OD will have a power range of 1/80 HP (10W) to 1/10 HP (75W) with a 1/2" standard shaft diameter. The 49 frame (4.9") OD will have a power range of 1/10 HP (75W) to 1/4 HP (185W) and will have a 1/2"standard shaft diameter. The motors will be available as PSC, split phase, three-phrase and three-phase inverter style. Winding configurations are available as well. The company says their U.S. manufacturing location allows them to offer short lead times.

For more information:

Bison Gear & Engineering
(630) 377-6777