Samputensili Master Gears Personalized to Customer or DIN Specifications

Samputensili has introduced a range of master gears to determine work gear accuracy and setting masters to adjust checking equipment.

According to the company's press release, the Samputensili software and manufacturing methods deliver products to customer specifications or DIN standards. Master gears allow checking of internal or external spur and helical gears with or without profile corrections.

When checking parts, the master gear flank rotates in contact with the work gear teeth and primarily checks meshing, center distance and runout, detecting any nicks. Setting masters, conversely, are usually static. Two master gears for different applications and consequently of different design can check the same workpiece correctly. The company's production range includes master gears from module 1 to module 6 with outside diameters from 40?300 mm, tooth face widths from 4?100 mm and helix angles from 0? 45?.

All master gears are produced in high speed steel or bearing steel without surface coating, depending on customer specifications. The company says it mainly uses powder metals, with high speed steels ASP23 and ASP30 are utilized.

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SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multi-national Maccaferri Industrial Group. ...Read more Or visit

SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multinational Maccaferri Industrial Group of companies. Samputensili produces machines, tools and services for the gear manufacturing industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, France, Brazil, Korea, Japan and the United States. ...Read more Or visit