Koepfer America Partners with Liebherr for Wenzel GearTec Products

Koepfer America, LLC, proudly announces its partnership with Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., to offer Wenzel GearTec gear metrology produ...


Koepfer America, LLC, proudly announces its partnership with Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., to offer Wenzel GearTec gear metrology products to select parts of North America. The Wenzel GearTec WGT product line features a range of granite, air-bearing, dedicated gear testing machines. In addition, the LH series also offers 4 axis gear measuring technology on a Wenzel CMM frame to give customers gear and traditional CMM measurement on the same platform.

Koepfer America has provided sales and support of Wenzel products in the past, and they will increase the strength of service, calibration, and applications support of the Liebherr sales team. This team is Wenzel’s exclusive GearTec product line partner in the United States and Canada. Koepfer America will strategically focus on the Midwest and East Coast territories.

Dennis Gimpert, president of Koepfer America, comments, “This is a fine example of a modern partnership structure, which, at the end of the day, gives gear manufacturers a strong team to support their measurement needs. We are excited about becoming a partner with Liebherr and working with the Wenzel customer base and gear inspection products once more.”

Peter Wiedemann, presidents of Liebherr Gear Technology, Inc., said, “The addition of Koepfer America to our representative network will add to our sales efforts in important areas of North America, and will highlight the benefits of the Wenzel GearTec products to even more potential customers.”

Andy Woodward, president of Wenzel America, Ltd., sums up the new relationship: “We are very pleased to welcome Koepfer America to the GearTec sales and support team. Dennis [Gimpert] and his excellent service team will enable us to continue to improve our customer support abilities.”

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