Gleason Genesis 200GX Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine to be Introduced at Gear Expo

Gleason recently announced it will introduce advanced machines, tooling, and global customer support services covering a wide array of pr...

The Gleason 200GX threaded wheel gear grinding machine.

Another highlight at Gleason's booth will be the 300GMSP.

Another highlight at Gleason's booth will be the 300GMSP.

Gleason recently announced it will introduce advanced machines, tooling, and global customer support services covering a wide array of processes for the complete production and inspection of all types of bevel and cylindrical gears at Gear Expo 2015. On display at booth #1017 will be:

The Genesis 200GX Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine

The 200GX's two spindle concept is designed to combine maximum productivity with minimized idle and set up times. The 200GX is meant to set up from one workpiece to another in just 20 minutes using only one tool. Fully automatic workflow after setup until grinding the first workpieces and the ability to interface with Gleason GMS machines via QR codes increase productivity. Easily accessible machine components make maintenance simple and efficient while standard dimension grinding wheels and dressing tools allow the use of existing tools. The 200GX is designed to be an energy efficient small footprint machine.

The Gleason 300GMSP Analytical Gear Inspection System

A patent-pending base design includes an active leveling system to attenuate a broad spectrum of normal production environment vibrations, yielding measurement values in parallel with those achieved in controlled calibration laboratories, but without the delay of having to move to the lab location. Thermal fluctuations normally associated with shop floor environments are proactively compensated for as well. The system identifies and applies a compensation for factory floor influences in real time.

The 300GMSP Analytical Gear Inspection System is designed and tested to perform as a turn-key gear inspection system in the manufacturing environment, and is designed for applications in aerospace, automotive, and smaller power transmission industries.  

Visitors to Gleason Booth #1017 will also be introduced to a number of other products, technologies and services, including: 

Gleason’s complete line of gear cutting tool solutions:  For cylindrical gear production, visitors will find a full array of hobs, form relieved milling cutters, solid carbide hobs, shaper cutters, chamfering and deburring tools, shaving cutters, honing tools, coated diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond dressing wheels and diamond dressing rolls. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about Gleason’s recent advancements in gear hobbing technology including G90, their tooling material which closes the performance gap between HSS materials and tungsten carbide. Visitors will also find an assortment of power skiving tools.

Gleason’s bevel cutting tool display will feature new bevel gear cutting tools for cutting and grinding straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears. On display will be the PentacPlus-RT, which can be built faster and more precisely than stick blade cutter systems of the past. With blade seating stiffness equal to the high stiffness of other PentacPlus, this new system offers improved surface finish, tool life and cycle time. 

Advanced workholding solutions:  Gleason designs and produces a complete range of quick-change, tool-less workholding equipment for bevel gear, cylindrical gear and non-Gleason production machines. By design, these systems reduce set-up and change-over times for gearing applications up to 600 mm in diameter. Quik-Flex Plus, Gleason’s next generation of modular, quick-change workholding systems which requires a single tool, less time and minimal operator experience, will be on display for the first time at Gear Expo.

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