Exsys to Present its Line of Lathe Tools at CMTS 2015

Alongside their collection of gearboxes, Exsys Canada will be presenting the line of lathe tools they offer from Eppinger at CMTS 2015 at...

Exsys will be showing off many of Eppinger's lathe tools at CMTS this year.

Alongside their collection of gearboxes, Exsys Canada will be presenting the line of lathe tools they offer from Eppinger at CMTS 2015 at booth 2022.

Designed for use with all machine tool brands, the Eppinger dual collect chuck is a double spindle tool holder that expands the capacity of individual turret positions on a CNC turning center. With two live tools in one turret station, the dual collect chuck is designed to allow shops to reduce their job setup times and increase tooling versatility for different workpieces.

Eppinger slim fit tool holders accommodate VBS 24-station turrets on Haas CNC lathes. The compact housings of these tool holders allow shops to utilize all 12 bolton and 12 VDI stations for maximum tooling space and productivity. Available in radial right angle and straight axial configurations with coolant capabilities, the holders have a lightweight, yet rigid design to minimize the stress put on the machine turrets.

The Eppinger gear hobber attachment for all machine tool brand live-turret stations is designed for shops to achieve single-setup, one-operation gear cutting capability when generating splines, spur or helical gears. The attachment’s adjustable toolholding system eliminates the need to rough gears on one machine then transfer them to another for gear hobbing. To compensate for different types of grooves and pitches in splines and gears, users adjust the vernier dial to the applicable settings.

The Eppinger Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system incorporates selections of adapters engineered to hold a variety of cutting tool types and shank designs. The adapters have a common connecting feature that locks into standard base units mounted on a turning machine’s turret.

Preci-Flex lets shops preset tools in adapters offline then switch the tool/adapter assemblies in and out of the base units. Tool positions repeat exactly within +/- 3 µm.

Another form of modular quick-change tooling technology Exsys offers is the Eppinger Compacto C3, C4, C5 and C6 base holder. When compared with traditional base holder designs, the compact size of Compacto provides more space for machining in tight workspaces as well as offers improved torque transmission and rigidity for increased tool accuracy. The holder’s polygon shape connection (PSC), which is the shortest PSC interface in the industry, further adds to the system’s precision and stability.

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