Gear Industry Product News 2005

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New Vertical Scanning Machine from Inductoheat
The new modular Statiscan vertical scanning machine from Inductoheat is tooled up to process steering input shafts. According to the ... (posted 2005-04-21)

New Chamfer/Deburring Machines from Star SU
The S250CD, S250CDA and S250CDX chamfer/deburring machines from Star SU replace the older SCT and SM series in the U.S. market. The new C... (posted 2005-04-18)

New Planetary Gear Unit from Gudel
The new planetary gear unit from Gudel supplies solutions for power trains requiring high dynamics. The power train and integrated pi... (posted 2005-04-15)

New Process Monitoring System from Marposs
A new tool and process monitoring system from Marposs is designed to provide continuous monitoring of metalworking processes through seve... (posted 2005-04-13)

New U-Shaped Gearmotors from Bodine
The new type HG gearhead from Bodine provides flexible mounting and high torque for applications including conveyor systems, food process... (posted 2005-04-12)

IMPCO Machine Tools Introduces New Laser Checking System
The new OPTI-Scan Class II CE-certified laser heads from IMPCO Machine Tools are designed to perform final inspection of precisely machin... (posted 2005-04-12)

Cotta Transmission Introduces New Creep Drive Gearbox
Cotta's new creep drive transmission is designed to insert in the vehicle driveline after the main transmission. In the creep mode, t... (posted 2005-04-08)

New Gear Hardening Technology from Inductoheat
Inductoheat has introduced Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF)induction gear heating process. According to the company’s press rele... (posted 2005-04-03)

First 7-Speed Gearbox has a Shift Plate of DuPont Zytel
A shift plate made of DuPont Zytel nylon carries the fully integrated gear change control system of DaimlerChrysler’s 7G-Tronic seve... (posted 2005-03-26)

New Gear Hobbing Center from Koepfer EMAG
The VSC 250/400 DUO WF from EMAG Koepfer allows complete soft machining of gears on a single machine. According to the company’s ... (posted 2005-02-24)

New Gear Lubricant from Kl?ber
The Kl?bertop P 39-462 spray from Kl?ber Lubrication facilitates the adjustment of load-bearing patterns in gears and is resistant to syn... (posted 2005-02-18)

American Stress Technologies Introduces New Inspection System
For the gear manufacturer plagued with nightmares about the possibility of grinding damage, GearScan 600 from American Stress Technologie... (posted 2005-02-15)

New Bore Finishing Machines from Engis
The six-spindle SPM Series single-pass bore finishing machine from Engis can finish the bores on as many as 480 gears per hour with tool ... (posted 2005-02-09)

New Gear Deburring Brushes from Weiler
The Bore-RX line of internal gear deburring brushes from Weiler can increase productivity of in-machine deburring in CNC machining center... (posted 2005-02-09)

New Clamping Devices for Tool and Hob Manufacturing from Toolink
The K?nigdorn hydraulic expansion mandrels from Toolink Enginering manually clamp hobs located between centers on the machine. The system... (posted 2005-02-09)

New High-Speed Inspection System from Renishaw
Introduced at EMO, the Renscan5 high-speed inspection system from Renishaw delivers part inspection speeds up to 20 times faster than con... (posted 2005-02-09)

New Size 17 Gearhead from HD Systems
The Quantum Series from HD Systems is the highest torque capacity harmonic gearhead that the company has ever produced. According to H... (posted 2005-02-02)

New Face Drivers for Gear Hobbing from Logansport
The FDNC face drivers from Logansport Matsumoto are designed for gear hobbing operations. According to the company’s press releas... (posted 2005-02-02)

New Software Feature from UTS
The Player software for sharing Excel spreadsheets and mathematical models created in the 5.0 Solver Premium Edition is available from Un... (posted 2005-01-31)

New Hob Sharpening Machine from Doimak
The AF-75 is a new grinding machine designed for sharpening hobs. Among the various features of this model are high accuracy and an op... (posted 2005-01-28)

New Wireless Spindle Probe from Marposs
The new Mida TT30 touch-trigger spindle probe from Marposs Corp. incorporates high-frequency signal transmissiom. Additional features ... (posted 2005-01-28)

Midwest Motion Releases 24-Volt Gearmotor
A new, compact gear motor that accepts any 24 VDC power source has been released by Midwest Motion Products. Model MMP.C21.230B-24V.GP52-... (posted 2005-01-28)

Saint-Gobain Gaskets Seal in Temperature Extremes
The OmniGasket from Saint-Gobain is constructed with a layer of PTFE adhered to an alloy base.According to the company's press releas... (posted 2005-01-19)

Donner + Pfister Introduces New Measuring Equipment
The ES 4100 portable pitch measuring instrument from Donner + Pfister offers measuring data. Operational convenience is achieved by the b... (posted 2005-01-19)

Hexagon Metrology Debuts CNC Measuring Arm at Fabtech
Hexagon Metrology introduced a new CNC articulated measuring arm at Fabtech that president and CEO William Gruber calls ?our version of a... (posted 2005-01-19)

Midwest Motion Gearmotor Accepts 12-Volt DC Sources
The Model No. MMP-TM55-12V GP52-022 DC gear motor from Midwest Motion can accept any 12-volt DC source, including battery power, says the... (posted 2005-01-19)

New Retoolable Manual Bench for Gear Inspection from Marposs
The new M62 OBD (over ball diameter) retoolable manual bench measuring system for checkng gear shafts from Marposs is designed to permit ... (posted 2005-01-15)

New Series of Bevel Gear Operators from Flowserve
The Limitorque Actuation System MT Series of bevel gear opeators from Flowserve are optimized to perform in power industry valve applicat... (posted 2005-01-06)

New Axle Shaft Hardening Capability from Inductoheat
The VSM-95 vertical scanning machine from Inductoheat is tooled up to process axle shafts. According to the company’s press rele... (posted 2005-01-04)

New Gear Inspection System from M&M Precision
The new in-line, in-process inspection equipment from M&M Precision is designed around a completely modular concept, allowing for ease of... (posted 2005-01-04)

New Sulfide Material from Ticona Makes Braking Easier
Fortron linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) for actuator housings and gears to help transfer power from the actuator motor to the brakes. ... (posted 2005-01-04)

New Dispenser from Kluber Allows for More Accurate Dispensing
The Klubermatic FG lubricant dispenser allows for hygienic and accurate dispensing of lubricating grease to machinery in the food and pha... (posted 2005-01-03)