Gear Industry Product News 2007

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Bodine Electric's Low-Voltage Products Counter High Energy Costs
With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, Bodine Electric recently announced the release of a low-voltage product line. Bodine... (posted 2007-12-19)

Stafford Offers Mounting Collars with Multiple Bore Designs
Stafford recently introduced a universal mounting collar that can be supplied with different bore designs to fit rail mounts and other de... (posted 2007-12-07)

Ultrasonic Tanks Aim to Clean-Up Industrial Manufacturing
Ultrasonic tanks by Omegasonics assist in the process of toxic parts cleaning in all industrial machining applications. According to the ... (posted 2007-12-07)

Guyson Introduces Blast Cabinet
Guyson’s single-spindle blast machine allows 360-degree coverage by timed blast- and blow-off cycles, performed as a workpiece rota... (posted 2007-12-06)

LMC Introduces Large Atling Steady Rests
Designed to fit any CNC or conventional lathe, the LMC Atling self-centering steady rests feature three new models—the LZ90-360, LZ... (posted 2007-12-06)

Rex-Cut Introduces Interleaf Flap Disc
The Rex-Cut Fusion Flap Disc combines two types of abrasive layers for one-step grinding and finishing. According to the company’s ... (posted 2007-12-04)

Philadelphia Gear Introduces CORE Online
Continuous Oil Rescue Equipment (CORE) filters, launched as an alternative to traditional barrier filtration techniques by Philadelphia G... (posted 2007-12-04)

Dontyne Debuts GATES Software for its Gear Production Suite
Dontyne Systems, a U.K. company founded by Michael Fish and David Palmer, recently unveiled a new software program for its Gear Productio... (posted 2007-11-09)

Gleason Debuts Opti-Cut Tools for Gashing, Shaping and Hobbing
A new family of cutting tools was recently introduced by the Gleason Corporation for the gashing, shaping and hobbing of gears. This new ... (posted 2007-11-09)

ITW ROCOL Launches Food-Grade Lubricant
ITW ROCOL recently announced the launch of a unique food-grade lubricant called Accu-Lube FG-2000. According to the company’s press... (posted 2007-11-02)

NILES Launches ZP B Hybrid Machines
Built to meet the demands of large gear grinding, Niles recently launched the ZP B hybrid machine. The machine is designed for the comple... (posted 2007-11-02)

Faro Unveils Advanced Portable Computer-Aided Measurement Arm
Faro Technologies Inc. recently announced the release of the Quantum FaroArm—the first eight-foot arm proven to measure accurately ... (posted 2007-11-02)

ADCOLE Offers High-Speed Crankshaft Gage for Better Accuracy
A new high-speed, in-line, automatic crankshaft measurement gage for production environments that provides sub-micron accuracy has been i... (posted 2007-11-02)

Technosoft Drives and Motors Provide More Intelligence to CANopen
All Technosoft intelligent drives and motors now support CANopen. Embedding motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single com... (posted 2007-11-01)

KAPP KX 500 FLEX Adds Multi-Station Turn Table and Twin Spindle Dresser
The KAPP Group has introduced the KX 500 FLEX Gear Center. Like other KX models, the KX 500 FLEX offers continuous generating grinding, d... (posted 2007-10-23)

Emag's New Machining Centers Apply Simultaneous Five-Axis Machining
EMAG’s BA S03 vertical machining center is designed as a monobloc enclosed on three sides and topped by a gantry and combines a min... (posted 2007-08-30)

Sunnen's SV-310 Bore Sizing System Designed for Small Engines, Compressors
Sunnen's new SV-310 vertical CNC honing system combines a choice of tooling options, large work envelope, and 762mm/30" str... (posted 2007-08-21)

StarragHeckert's Machining Centers for Large-Scale Gear Housings Improve Productivity
Flender Guss GmbH  & Co. KG manufacturers of large scale gear housings for wind power plants, recently discovered its rate of or... (posted 2007-08-16)

Pico's New Technology Cutting Oil Replaces Chlorinated Paraffin-Based Fluids
Pico Chemical Corp. announced a chlorine-free and blue cutting oil for hard-to-machine stainless and titanium alloys.  The... (posted 2007-08-08)

Koepfer America Launches Large Capacity CNC Hob Sharpening Machine
Koepfer America developed the new KFS250 CNC hob sharpening machine, which is  based on its KFS100 series.  The KFS250 series h... (posted 2007-08-07)

LMC's New Face Drivers Provide Tighter Tolerances
LMC Workholding introduced its new Neidlein face driver,s providing tighter tolerances for applications including hard turning, grinding,... (posted 2007-08-02)

Drake Manufacturing Buys Wenzel Gear Checker
 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  For further information,          Contact: Jim VosmikPhone... (posted 2007-07-23)

Grieve’s New Oven Burns Hydrocarbons from Machined Metal Parts
The new No. 875 oven from Grieve is a gas-fired, 1600ºF (871ºC) specialty furnace from Grieve, currently used for burning off h... (posted 2007-07-19)

Midwest Motion Introduces New Gearmotor
Midwest Motion Products released a new DC Gear Motor, the Model No. MMP TM55-24V GP52-124. Accepting any 24 Volt DC source, includin... (posted 2007-07-19)

Marposs Introduces Wireless Bore Gauge with Optional Inductive Battery Charger
Marposs Corp. will present its new M1 Wave wireless bore gauge with an optional inductive battery charger in  at South-Tec 2007.Equi... (posted 2007-07-19)

LMC Workholding Offers Large Size Chuck
LMC Workholding offers large size power chucks for high-speed applications and extra large thru-holes for large bore lathes.  LMC of... (posted 2007-07-11)

Zeitlauf's Angular Gearing Offers Worm Gear Drive/Bevel Spur Gear Alternative
The EtaCrown concept from Zeitlauf offers an energy-efficient alternative to worm gear drives and bevel spur gears.According to the compa... (posted 2007-06-21)

Brevini's Gearbox Operates Quietly for Rubber Sheeting Manufacturer
When Primasil, a U.K.-based independent silicone compounder and manufacturer of non-silicone rubber sheeting, discovered its main drive g... (posted 2007-06-21)

Kapp's Rotor Grinding Technology Improves Efficiency by 30 Percent
The Kapp RX 59 allows the rotors used in air compressors to be manufactured on the machines by using a high precision grinding process.Ro... (posted 2007-06-15)

Koepfer's Heavy Duty Hobbing Machine Offers Extended Part Size Capacity
The Heavy-duty Model 300 from Koepfer America provides for a bigger part diameter, coarser diametral pitch, and bigger hob capacity than ... (posted 2007-06-06)

Drake’s New Mini External Thread Grinder Targets Small Parts Makers
With a work envelope of 100 mm x 100 mm, Drake's GS:TEM mini three-axis thread grinder is aimed at higher volume, precision threaded ... (posted 2007-05-31)

Source Engineering Introduces Planetary Gearmotors for OEM Applications
Source Engineering introduced planetary brush and brushless gearmotors for OEM applications. Gearmotors are best suited to applications r... (posted 2007-05-31)

Bonfiglioli Updates Parallel Shaft Series and Bevel-Helical Series Gearboxes
Bonfiglioli recently presented five new sizes in the HDP parallel-shaft series and HDO bevel helical series that was first introduced in ... (posted 2007-05-31)

Midwest Motion Introduces New Gearmotor
Midwest Motion Products announced the availability of the MMP-TM55-12V Gpk52-124 gearmotor. The motor accepts any 12-volt VDC source, ... (posted 2007-05-24)

Emag’s Newest Vertical Turning Centers Offer Quicker Automatic Workpiece Changeover
The VL series vertical standard turning machines from Emag are universal production tools with a small footprint and automatic workholdin... (posted 2007-04-03)

Oil-Rite’s Redesigns Broad View Level Gage
Oil-Rite Corp. re-designed its broad view level gage to reduce the number of unique components. Liquid level gages are used in various... (posted 2007-03-28)

ZF’s New Gearheads Designed for Broad Range of Servo Applications
ZF launched a new range of compact WTE (WT Economy)single-state right-angled gearheads for OEM designers and maintenance engineers. A ... (posted 2007-03-27)

Weiler Publishes New Brochure
Weiler Corp., an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of wire brushes, Nylox nylon abrasive filament brushes, abrasives and maintenance produc... (posted 2007-03-14)

Wheelabrator’s Airblast Peening Technology Credited with Start-Up of Two Custom Machines for Turbine Engine Components
The Wheelabrator technology for automated airblast peening equipment is credited with the recent start-up of two custom machines at a rep... (posted 2007-02-27)

Marposs Introduces Gauge Head for In-Process Grinder Control at Eastec
Marposs Corp. will show its new NanoUnimar ultra-compact gauge head for in-process grinder control in Booth #3006 at the EASTEC APEX 2007... (posted 2007-02-26)

duMont’s Keyway Broach Sets Cuts Complete Range
A heavy duty set of keyway broaches, bushings and shims designed for cutting a complete range of keyways from 1/8" to 3/4" without duplic... (posted 2007-02-21)

Command Tooling Introduces New Presetter for Precision Machining
Command Tooling Systems’ new Digiset 6 presetter provides increased productivity and streamlined setups for precision machining. ... (posted 2007-02-20)

Mahr Federal’s New Portable Finish Gage Includes USB Interface
Mahr Federal will feature its new Pocket Surf PS1 portable surface finish gage at the EASTEC 2007 Exposition. Based on Mahr Federal&#... (posted 2007-02-20)

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling’s New Indexable Drill Design Provides Deeper Boring Depth
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling introduces its newest indexable insert drills. According to the company’s press release, the new de... (posted 2007-02-19)

Schunk Releases New Electrical Miniature High-Speed Parallel Gripper
Schunk Workholding's miniature high-speed parallel gripper (MHP) is the two-finger counterpart to the centric gripper SMG. Accord... (posted 2007-02-14)

Gleason’s Newest Threaded Wheel Grinder Delivers Faster Floor-to-Floor Times for Cylindrical Gears up to 300 mm
The 300 TWG from Gleason Corp. is designed to deliver fast floor-to-floor times for grinding of cylindrical gears with a diameter up to 3... (posted 2007-02-13)

Ingersoll Cutting Tools Introduces Insert and Tooling Family
Ingersoll Cutting Tools introduces its Hex-Turn family of inserts and holders. According to the company’s press releaes, the 12... (posted 2007-02-07)

Rex Cut’s Mounted Points Reach Deep Into Channels with Little Vibration
A line of mounted available in various shapes and sizes to fit into channels and other contoured spaces for repairing and maintaining mol... (posted 2007-02-06)

GEARCALC Software Officially Released
GEARCALC, a software program for sizing and rating cylindrical gears, now offers demos for downloading. Three parts offer algorithms ... (posted 2007-01-26)

Dapra Expands Toroid Tool Line
Dapra Corporation recently added 12 new shell mills in ODs from 2" through 8" to its high-performance Toroid cutting tool line. For m... (posted 2007-01-26)

Hardinge Debuts Turning Center at Westec
Hardinge introduces its SR-Series multi-tasking turning center, utilizing a three-jaw chuck. According to the company’s press re... (posted 2007-01-24)

Marposs Announces Plans to Release New Probing System at WESTEC
Marposs Corp. will showcase its new Mida E83 probing system with optical transmission for CNC machining centers and milling machines boot... (posted 2007-01-16)

Inductoheat’s Heat Treating System Compatible with Numerous Power Supplies
The InductoScan modular heat treat system from Inductoheat is designed to increase versatility, reduce maintenance and installation cost... (posted 2007-01-16)

Koepfer’s Versatile MZ 130 Provides Same-Setup Gear Hobbing and Worm Milling
Koepfer’s MZ130 hobbing and worm milling CNC machine from Monnier + Zahner was designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. ... (posted 2007-01-10)

Makino’s New Grinding Machining Center Grinds, Drills, Bores and Mills on the Same Machine
Makino introduced the G5 Grinder horizontal machining center, capable of grinding, drilling, boring and milling all on the same machine. ... (posted 2007-01-09)

Gleason’s New Threaded Grinder Optimizes Fine Finishing of Hard Spur and Helical Gears
Gleason’s new Genesis 130TWG High Speed Threaded Wheel Grinder features a new design that reduces floor space requirements and impro... (posted 2007-01-02)