EMAG Gets Smart with Mobile Analytics

Machine data has never been easier to collect, distribute and analyze. Monitoring production lines, evaluating tools and surveying tool conditions in real time are just some of the technologies available in the digital world. Combining the knowledge of engineers with sensor and production data is just another value-added resource in the industrial toolbox.

“With our monitoring systems, customer can view multiple machines on a tablet, laptop or PC,” said Jeff Moore, regional sales manager at EMAG.  “This gives our customers the ability to get all the relevant production and energy efficiency data anywhere and at any time.”

Using EMAG’s analytics, evaluation and control systems, users can monitor tool conditions through ToolStatus and ToolStatus+ and provide a solution that makes this planning much easier.

With LifetoolAnalytics, production losses caused by worn machine tools are a thing of the past. Gears usually have to be produced in large batch sizes, to keep the quality of parts constant, EMAG Koepfer has developed SolidProcess. This software solution enables continuous and automated optimization of the tooth cutting processes.

In addition, service and maintenance technologies assist in maximizing uptime and EMAG has systems to help, according to Moore.

RemoteExperts, for example, provides customers fast expert support in the event of a malfunction. And for an assessment of the condition of the machine—at any time—we are offering Fingerprint. With Fingerprint, EMAG Service is able to diagnose and evaluate the condition of mechanical components as a preventative maintenance tool. The best part is that there is no need for lengthy disassembling and reassembling in order to compile a machine assessment. The data provided by the Fingerprint gives you a current status report of the machine,” Moore added.

A quick way to interact between the customer and EMAG’s service team is the ServicePlus app available for IOS and Android devices. Moore reports that the app offers a fast and convenient way to interact with customers where common problems can be easily resolved.

“Customers can scan the QR code on the machine to enable fast and reliable machine identification and get access to smart services available through the ServicePlus app. Services through the app include sending attachments—photos, voice messages—or a live video remote service,” Moore said.

As the gear industry continues to increase its automation capabilities, EMAG looks to provide a one-stop shop for machine tool solutions. This includes turning, grinding, hobbing, gear finishing, ECM deburring, induction heat treat and more.

“In a fast-growing transmission market, production planners are faced with the challenge of implementing reliable production solutions as quickly as possible. EMAG has the answer: establishing complete manufacturing solutions for this application,” Moore said. “The result is a customized manufacturing solution from a single source. This allows for the efficient production of many components for hybrid or purely electric drive systems – from rotors and complex differentials to new types of transmission shafts. This process covers from raw parts, all the way up to the final precision machining.”

Learn all about EMAG’s latest automation technologies in the May issue of Gear Technology.

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