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Feature Articles

The Ten Commandments of Gear Failure Analysis
I. Inspect failed components as soon as possible. If an early on-site inspection is not possible, someone at the site must preserve the evidence based on your instructions.

After Show Hours in Columbus
Whatever your pleasure, Columbus is sure to have something to occupy those rare free hours you spend outside of Gear Expo.

The Unofficial Guide to Gear Expo
The Unofficial Guide to Gear Expo.

Gear Expo Showstoppers
A guide to companies to see at Gear Expo.

Gear Manufacturers Face Challenges in Growing Wind Energy Industry
East of San Francisco Bay, near the town of Rio Vista, 81 white towers stand 255 feet tall on rolling hills of dry grass harvesting a year-round crop: wind.

Technical Articles

Direct Gear Design: Bending Stress Minimization
Bending stress evaluation in modern gear design is generally based on the more-than-one-hundred-year-old Lewis equation.

Local 3-D Flank Form Optimizations for Bevel Gears
Optimizing the running behavior of bevel and hypoid gears means improving both noise behavior and load carrying capacity. Since load deflections change the relative position of pinion and ring gear, the position of the contact pattern will depend on the torque. Different contact positions require local 3-D flank form optimizations for improving a gear set.

Solid Model Generation of Involute Cylindrical Gears
This paper presents approximate and accurate methods to generate solid models of involute cylindrical gears using Autodesk Inventor 3-D CAD software.


Opportunity and Obligation (Publishers Page)
I was recently honored by the European Association of Machine Tool Merchants (EAMTM) at the organization's annual meeting this past June in Mallorea, Spain. The organization inducted me as a Fellow, EAMTM's highest honor, bestowed on members who have made significant contributions as volunteers serving the organization, which was originally founded in 1940. I felt especially honored, as I am only the 19th person and the second non-European to have been given this award.

Horsburgh & Scott: Heavy Duty Gear Expert (Voices)
Big gears, They drive the machinery that rolls steel, grinds limestone, pulverizes coal, pumps mud, mixes rubber, raises bridges and does many other heavy-duty industrial jobs. For 117 years, big gears have also driven the business of Horsburgh & Scott of Cleveland, OH.

Revolutions (Revolutions)
Welcome to Revolutions, the column that brings you the latest, most up-to-date and easy-to-read information about the people and technology of the gear industry.

Technical Calendar (Events)
Complete Technical Calendar for September/October 2003.

Industry News (Industry News)
Complete Industry News for September/October 2003.

Contour Hardening: Heat Treating Company, Indy Car Sponsor (Addendum)
Major sponsorship of an Indy car was working out well for racing fans Mike Chaplin and John Storm. On May 25, a warm, clear day, the co-founders of Contour Hardening watched from their racetrack suite as their car, a bullet on wheels, tore into sixth place at the Indy 500.