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Michael Weas has filled a new position of applications engineer at Helios Gear Products. In this role, Weas supports gear manufacturers i...

Michael Weas is an applications engineer at Helios Gear Products.

Michael Weas has filled a new position of applications engineer at Helios Gear Products. In this role, Weas supports gear manufacturers in several ways. For example, he serves as Helios’s primary technical resource for cutting tools and their applications, which include hobs, shaper cutters, broaches, and milling cutters. Weas also designs and coordinates fixturing and automation solutions for Helios machines installed in North America. 

“Mike’s experience and mechanical engineering knowledge support Helios’s gear manufacturing customers so they can focus on improving their business,” said Adam Gimpert, Helios president. “Our customers are better equipped for the challenges of tomorrow because of Mike’s hard work.”

Weas is a degreed mechanical engineer from Northern Illinois University, where he learned strong fundamentals of mechanical thinking. While finishing his college work, he joined Helios part-time and began growing his expertise for the gear manufacturing industry. Since joining Helios full-time in 2018, Weas has taken on several duties as an applications engineer, and he always aims to equip manufacturers for more profitable production. For example, he has greatly improved Helios’s offering of cutting tools by building a resource of built-to-order carbide hobs with delivery times as quick as 2 weeks while maintaining market-leading prices. Under his direction, Helios has doubled its cutting tool sales and continues to see significant growth in 2020. Similarly, Weas has strengthened Helios’s fixturing solutions by offering updated designs, high quality manufacturing, more cost-effective solutions, and shorter deliveries. Consequently, manufacturers can be nimbler, save on costs, and continue to produce world-class gears on Helios equipment.

“Our customers are fortunate to have Mike’s expertise at-hand. As Helios empowers gear manufacturers to be more competitive in the global marketplace, support for applications and engineering plays a critical role. Mike fills that role and more, and consequently, our customers are more productive,” said David Harroun, Helios vice president.

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