Additive, Automation and Agile Manufacturing at EMO Milano 2021

CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies, will present two EU projects (Trinity and SAM) during EMO Milano 2021 from October 4-9.

The Trinity project will have a dedicated booth in Hall 7, Booth G10, where showcasing two solutions: the reconfigurable robotic cell for automated recycling and the SMART CLAMP drilling, a solution that reduces the load on machine and workpiece.

In addition, ‘Innovative Trends in Agile Manufacturing‘ will take place at the AITA-CECIMO booth in Hall 5, Stand B34-C39 on October 8th from 10:45 – 12:30.

The SAM project is a Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing which aims to tackle the current European need for developing an effective system to identify and anticipate the right skills for the AM sector demands.

EMO Milano Exhibitor Preview

Gleason Corporation: Hall 2, Booth E26

Gleason will present several new products with live webcasts directly from its global operations.

Gleason (Booth E26) will showcase the latest technologies in design, manufacturing and inspection of cylindrical and bevel gears. Special focus will be given to the new KISSsoft Gear and Transmission Design Capabilities, 100%-In-Process Control, Gear Noise Analysis and live manufacturing demonstrations from Gleason operations around the globe.

Find Your Best Design with KISSsoft 

The market leader will demonstrate its powerful new KISSsoft Release 2021, with KISSsys add-on for the design of entire transmissions. The features include: Bearing calculation with inner geometry in the “SKF Cloud”, collision check during honing and power skiving, system reliability at a glance with AGMA 6006-B20 and the interface with Gleason’s GEMS to exchange gear as well as system information for bevel gear optimization and manufacture.

Up to 100% In-Process Quality Control with Integrated Gear Noise Analysis 

The new GRSL Gear Rolling System with laser technology revolutionizes in-process gear inspection and sets a new standard for high-speed, high-volume quality control. This compact gear inspection unit combines double flank roll testing with index and involute measurement as well as lead measurement on all teeth for full analytical and functional in-process gear inspection.

The Best of All Worlds: Analytical Gear Inspection with Multi-Sensor Technology

The latest 300GMSL Gear Metrology System combines standard tactile probing for cylindrical and bevel gears with the power of non-contact laser scanning of tooth flank form. The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface considerably expands both the functionality and the range of applications for this machine platform and is ideally suited for thorough gear analysis and development.

Live Product Demos and emotions Virtual Show

Gleason will present several new products with live webcasts directly from its global operations including a world premiere, the 280HCD Genesis Gear Hobbing Machine with Integrated Chamfer Hobbing, high precision Threaded Wheel and Polish Grinding, combined Power Skiving and gear hobbing, and the new Phoenix 500C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine with Pentac Ecoblade Cutter System for bevel gears up to 500 mm in diameter. Experts will be available to answer questions and demonstrate specific features of products. For customers not able to participate in EMO 2021, Gleason’s “emotions” virtual showrooms will be available to experience all exhibits remotely. For more details, please refer to Gleason’s website and social media channels.

Klingelnberg: Hall 2, Booth D14

The Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 is the latest machine development in the area of cylindrical gear technology.

Klingelnberg will be presenting its innovations in Hall 02, Booth D14. These include the debut of the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 for high-precision testing technology.

R 300 – The Gear Noise Finder

The Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 is the latest machine development in the area of cylindrical gear technology. Due to the increasing quality requirements in large-scale transmission manufacturing, some transmission and vehicle manufacturers now require a certificate of quality for all gears installed in the powertrain. A further driver of ever-higher inspection levels is e-mobility, which places much higher demands on the noise behavior of a transmission due to the elimination of the combustion engine.

Reducing Measurement Times in Serial Measurement with a Hybrid Solution

Klingelnberg first presented the initial development stage of the hybrid solution with optical measuring technology at the EMO Hannover exhibition back in 2017. The application at that time centered on digitization of axially symmetrical gear components. Components such as bevel gears and cylindrical gears, and other geometries as well, can thus be measured with an extremely high point density (digitized), followed by additional processing. This additional processing is extremely flexible. In addition to simply depicting the results as a 3D model, comparisons can be made against a CAD target geometry, or a geometrical evaluation can be conducted by creating sectional views. This application is used for reverse engineering, for example.

Klingelnberg has made significant advances in the Optical Metrology system since 2017. Particularly in terms of sensor systems, measured data acquisition, and further processing, there has been significant progress. For this reason, Klingelnberg has been focusing its efforts on the entire signal chain in optical measuring technology and has joined forces with other development partners to develop a measurement system tailored specifically to the requirements of gear measurement. In this system, the active, current-carrying elements, such as a high-power light source, electronics and signal processing, are arranged separately from the sensor in the control cabinet. The distinct advantage of this is that it prevents thermal effects from occurring on the sensor itself as well as around the sensor – on the 3D tracer head, for example.

With the new measurement system, Klingelnberg presents a solution whose sensor system is ideally suited for measurements in the sub-micrometer range. This will allow the tactile pitch measurement to be replaced by optical measurement, significantly reducing measurement times in serial measurement applications.

Junker Group: Hall 3, Booth E20

High-performance linear drives along the X- and Z-axes allow high travel and acceleration values whilst simultaneously reducing the assembly space, enabling maximum dynamics and accuracies.

The Junker Group, with the Junker, LTA and ZEMA brands, is presenting its extensive product range at EMO 2021 in Milan, Italy. The Junker Group will present the latest grinding technologies from Junker and ZEMA as well as efficient filtration systems from LTA in Hall 3, Booth E20.

High-performance linear drives along the X- and Z-axes allow high travel and acceleration values whilst simultaneously reducing the assembly space, enabling maximum dynamics and accuracies. The latest measuring technologies help to produce good parts from the very beginning of the grinding process.

Table assemblies, such as workpiece spindles, tailstocks or steady rests, are installed on standardized universal construction boards, which can be positioned for various workpieces either automatically or manually. The modular concept stands out thanks to a highly flexible component arrangement of table assemblies on guide rails in the working area. The table assemblies can be easily retooled for future grinding tasks.

The entire concept of the system revolves around easy access to all components in and on the machine plus optimized setup. Increased accessibility and serviceability reduce maintenance effort and costs.

The fact that all guides and motors are fully covered makes the grinding machine suitable for use with either emulsion or grinding oil as a coolant.

The polymer concrete machine stand impresses with its outstanding damping performance and high torsional stiffness. The optimized machine bed rinsing makes maintenance easier, and piping for the media feed integrated into the machine stand allows for future grinding machine upgrades. The decreased machine size also reduces overall transportation costs.

Innovations in the field of cooling, pumps and pressure regulation enable the removal of cooling media harmful to the environment and health. These environmental improvements along with increased energy efficiency reduce maintenance requirements and round off the development of grinding machines with many detailed improvements.

ANCA: Hall 2, Booth F10, G09

FX7 Linear from ANCA.

ANCA will showcase the technology, software and automation at EMO Milano 2021 that enables customers to design and grind multiple tool types in one batch, making special tools a more profitable strategy. 

Patrick Boland, ANCA co-founder said: “Customers are after more productivity, higher accuracy, and increased process stability. There is great interest in automation, Industry 4.0, and technologies that can digitally connect all aspects of production. What’s new at ANCA is what we call AIMS, or the “ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System.” It’s the overarching platform under which we’ll be releasing software and hardware though the coming years. At the top is a suite of management software, and underneath is all the hardware necessary to grind, measure, and process complex cutting tools.” 

“We are proud to have our new AutoMarkX laser marking system on the stand at EMO, a machine that further simplifies tool manufacturing process by achieving greater efficiencies and reductions in simple manual tasks. Compatible with ANCA’s flexible software suite, AutoMarkX automatically loads tools directly from grinding machine pallets to be laser marked. ANCA’s own technology is designed for integration with AIMS (ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System), to automatically receive and dispatch pallets using an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) while connectivity to the AIMS Server provides the data to be marked on the tools,” Boland concluded. 

Electric Vehicles 

From a CNC tool and cutter supplier’s point of view, Electric Vehicles (EV’s) growth in the market is a challenge as well as a revolutionary opportunity. In 2017, 11.8 percent of cutting tool consumption was for automotive manufacturing. However, the rise of EVs and the associated manufacturing changes will significantly impact this. The machining time required for pure EVs will reduce by 50–75 percent compared with traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs). This will result in a decline in overall cutting tool consumption as ICE vehicles’ production declines. 

Xiaoyu Wang, ANCA GCX product manager said: “Declining demand for cutting tools is an existential challenge, especially for our customers who serve the automotive industry. However, entering the supply chain of EV manufacture provides many untapped opportunities. The new skiving cutters required for manufacturing the internal gears used in EV transmission is a significant one. About 45 percent of all gear production is for vehicle transmission. The growth in EVs has drastically changed the requirements for the gear cutting and production industries. For example, the high engine speed of up to 20,000 RPM means a higher gear ratio is required to reduce the speed for efficient use in automobiles. Additionally, the complex planetary gear systems are more prevalent in the new electric transmission design.”

Driven by EV’s unparallel 28%~36% growth rate, the skiving cutters used in the high-speed skiving processes are in high demand. Due to their complex geometries, producing solid carbide skiving cutters requires a series of technology and process developments that enable their consistent and repeatable production. ANCA will bring its GCX Linear machine to EMO so customers can understand how it provides a complete solution for manufacturing DIN AA quality solid carbide skiving cutters.

ANCA Tool of the Year

ANCA’s industry first competition is back with the 2021 winner to be announced live at EMO. Last year the industry welcomed the opportunity to show off their skills with almost 30 entries received from across the globe being seen by over 80,000 fans generating over 200,000 engagements on social media. The competition offers global recognition and generous prizes; celebrating the magic of the cutting tool and the experts who create them.

FX7 Linear

For customers that require increased flexibility or more spindle power, or the increased automation capacity that a robot can provide, the FX7 Linear offers these. The FX7 Linear offers a wide range of options for those looking to increase productivity and accuracy. Available is an optional 6-station wheel changer for automatic loading of wheel packs and coolant manifolds, and also robot loader options with capacity to load up to 840 tools.

Liebherr: Hall 4, D07

Liebherr WGT.

Gear Cutting Machines
Liebherr offers a wide selection of high-quality gear cutting machines. From the automotive industry to wind turbine manufacturers, customers around the world trust Liebherr machines. The range of gear cutting machines includes gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines, gear skiving machines, generating and profile grinding machines as well as chamfering and deburring machines for soft and fine machining of cylindrical gearing based on the new LHGeartec software.

The Liebherr gear measuring devices are focused on ergonomics and usability, precision, robustness, durability and serviceability. The measuring machines and the corresponding software are used in various sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, and general mechanical engineering.

Gear Cutting Tools
Liebherr is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of gear cutting tools. Moreover, Liebherr ensures high-quality machining of gear cutting tools from all manufacturers. The long service life of the tools distinguish as a reliable partner.

Automation Systems
Liebherr has established itself worldwide as a specialist for automation solutions. The broad range of automation systems ranges from linear robots and robot applications to conveying and storage systems through to solutions for pallet handling systems. This makes it possible to realize projects in all areas of production. Automation solutions from Liebherr reduce production costs and enable a flexible response to changes in demand from the market at short notice.

KAPP NILES: Hall 3, Booth E13

Each system solution is individually optimized for customer requirements and serviced by KAPP NILES throughout its lifecycle.

KAPP NILES is a globally operating group of companies with high-quality and economical solutions for finishing gears and profiles. About 1,000 employees represent the innovative strength and expertise of the sustainably managed family company which has grown for over 120 years.

With production sites in Germany as well as worldwide sales and service branches, KAPP is responsive and reliable in all major markets. KAPP NILES is partner for companies from numerous industrial sectors in the segments mobility, automation and energy.

The perfect interaction between machine, tool, and technology enables the precise machining to a thousandth millimeter and up to a diameter of eight meters.

Each system solution is individually optimized for customer requirements and serviced by KAPP NILES throughout its lifecycle. Highly accurate measuring equipment complements the comprehensive product range to ensure the required quality.

KAPP NILES supports efficient and stable processes with innovative services and digital solutions.

WFL Millturn Technologies: Hall 4, Booth D09

WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is the leading supplier in the field of complete machining. In many high tech companies today, the trade name MILLTURN stands for the central machine tool for the production of complex components with the highest precision. The modular design of the MILLTURN centers and individual special solutions guarantee perfect adaptation to the relevant manufacturing task.

With a MILLTURN, customers are not only purchasing a CNC machine that meets the very highest demands for quality and precision, they are also gaining an unbeatable competitive advantage. 30 years’ experience in complete machining and thousands of solutions guarantee that WFL customers will get the most efficient and reliable machinery.

For additional information on the trade fair, visit EMO Milano 2021.

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