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Is Anybody Out There?

Labor Pains in the American Gear Industry--Any Relief in Sight
Lack of skilled workers mirrors U.S. manufacturing's decline.

On-Site or Online, AGMA Teaches Gear Basics and Beyond
Despite the many things being done to promote manufacturing nationwide, there still remains an acute need for gear-specific training, remedial or otherwise.

Where Manufacturing and Education Mesh
But associations and grassroots organizations lack public awareness.

Technical Articles

Effects on Rolling Contact Fatigue Performance
This article summarizes results of research programs on RCF strength of wrought steels and PM steels.

Face Gears: Geometry and Strength
There are three distinct gear types in angle drives. The most commonly used are bevel and worm drives. Face gear drives are the third alternative.


What Do You Think (Publishers Page)
Publisher Michael Goldstein wants to know what you think about the 2007 redesign of Gear Technology magazine

Help Wanted: Gear Company Seeks Perfect Machinist (Voices)
Sales are up and it's time to hire some additional gear manufacturing personnel. Let's see--what qualities are wee looking for in the ideal candidates?

Challenges and Opportunities in the Gear Industry (Voices)
We asked Fred Young, president of Forest City Gear Co., to answer some of the gear industry's burning questions.

Design Unit Evaluating New Software from SMT (Product News)
MASTA 4.5.1 models complete transmissions and includes 3-D stress analysis.

Product News (Product News)
The complete product news from January/February 2007, including items from SMT, Monnier+Zahner, Mahr Federal, ExxonMobil, KissSoft, Geartech, Midwest Motion, Adcole and Makino.

AGMA Delegates Meet Chinese Counterparts (Events)
The AGMA pavilion was a hot spot at October's PTC-Asia show in Shanghai, as evidenced by the intense quoting reported by exhibitors.

Beachfront Gear Manufacturing (Addendum)
Lots of us became interested in gears while taking drafting classes in high school.