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Wind Turbines

The Future is Now for U.S. Wind Turbine Industry
The United States’ long-held dream of energy independence—as in cheap, clean, free of overseas extortion and renewable energy—could very well be realized in part by the country-wide development of wind turbines...

Well-Paying Manufacturing Jobs Are Blowing in the Wind
Lamentations continue—legitimately so—over the second-citizen status of manufacturing in the United States. The need undoubtedly continues for renewed support by government and educators for making things here once again...

Winds of Change
It seems that nothing can hold back the power of the wind—unless, of course, it's the availability of rugged, reliable, specially designed gearboxes. How Gleason is Keeping up with Demand.

The New Power Generation
Long before oil, climate change and energy demand were making headlines in Washington, Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto and her husband installed a wind energy system on their property in Minnesota.

Technical Articles

Evaluation of a Low-Noise, Formate Spiral Bevel Gear Set
Studies to evaluate low-noise Formate spiral bevel gears were performed. Experimental tests were conducted on a helicopter transmission test stand...

Application of Gears with Asymmetric Teeth in Turboprop Engine Gearbox
This paper describes the research and development of the first production gearbox with asymmetric tooth profiles for the TV7-117S turboprop engine. The paper also presents numerical design data related to development of this gearbox.


The Graying of the Gear Industry (Publishers Page)
The gear industry is getting old--fast. What are you doing about it?

Iowa’s 21st Century Renewable Energy Expedition (Voices)
Iowa Governor Chet Culver weighs in on the importance of the wind turbine industry for manufacturing growth.

Ohio is Forging Strong Links in Wind Turbine Supply Chain (Voices)
Ohio's Lt. Governor Lee Fisher talks about Ohio companies at the forefront of wind turbine industry manufacturing.

Letters to the Editor (Voices)
Matt McBride of Riverside Spline & Gear responds to last issue's Voices piece by Fred Young, and Tom Schmitt of Schmitt Design responds to last issue's publisher's page.

American Wera Profilator Introduces Scudding Process (Product News)
Rolled out at EMO 2007, the Scudding process is a continuous cutting operation that uses a tool design similar to a helical shaper cutter. It can be used for a wide range of gear applications...

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How Gears Provide the Gallop in Carousel Horses (Addendum)
As far back as the 12th century, men in Turkey and Arabia played a game referred to as carosello or garosello by Spanish and Italian crusaders.